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Elon Musk: The Unauthorized Autobiography book pdf free download

Elon Musk: The Unauthorized Autobiography By J.T. Owens

We are at the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Elon Musk sets the pace for challenging the status quo. Pushing industries to their limits with his relentless ambition. Revolutionizing cars, space, energy, transport, and AI.

Elon Musk: The Unauthorized Autobiography chronicles his life and the history and philosophy behind Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal, The Boring Company, Neuralink, and more.
Musk offers a comprehensive vision on how we can change the course of our civilization and move humanity towards a sustainable future… and on to Mars.

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Elon Musk: The Unauthorized Autobiography PDF

Author(s): J.T. Owens

Year: 2018

ISBN: 9781370304103


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