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Elements of Kotlin 

Elements of Kotlin free pdf download

Book Description

The programming language for the first generation of Android app development was Java.

Kotlin is the programming language used to make most of the next generation of Android apps.

This introductory book to Kotlin focuses on helping existing programmers get up to speed on reading and writing Kotlin code. There is a lot of focus on the syntax and language features that most Kotlin developers will need. Less time is spent on the advanced features that let library developers make APIs that are easy to use.

About the Authors

Mark Murphy is the founder of CommonsWare and the author of the Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development and other books on Android application development. He actively supports the Android developer community, from answering questions on StackOverflow to publishing sample code and reusable components as open source. Mr. Murphy is a polished speaker who has spoken worldwide at conferences and training sessions on various topics.

Elements of Kotlin PDF

Author(s): Mark L. Murphy

Publisher: CommonsWare, Year: 2021


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