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Electronic Devices and Circuits by Dr. K. Lal Kishore

Electronic Devices and Circuits by Dr. Okay. Lal Kishore | PDF Free Download.

Electronic Devices and Circuits Contents

Chapter 1 Electron Dynamics and CRO

  • Electron Dynamics
  • The movement of Charged Particles in Electrical and Magnetic Fields
  • Easy Issues Involving Electrical and Magnetic Fields Solely 
  • Rules of CRT 
  • Deflection Sensitivity
  • Functions of CRO 

Chapter2 Junction Diode Traits

  • Overview of Semiconductor Physics
  • Power Band Constructions 
  • Conduction in Semiconductors 
  • The conductivity of an Intrinsic Semiconductor
  • Donor Kind or n-Kind Semiconductors 
  • Acceptor Kind or p-Kind Semiconductors 
  • Ionization Power
  • Holes and Electrons 
  • Mass Motion Legislation 
  • Legislation of Electrical Neutrality
  • The Fermi Dirac Operate
  • Complete Present in a Semiconductor 
  • Einstein Relationship
  • Continuity Equation
  • The Corridor Impact
  • Semiconductor Diode Traits
  • The p-n Junction Diode in Reverse Bias 
  • The p-n Junction Diode in forwarding Bias
  • Band Construction of an Open Circuit p-n Junction 
  • The Present Elements in a p-n Junction Diode 
  • Legislation of the Junction 
  • Diode Present equation
  • Volt-Ampere Traits of a p-n Junction diode 
  • Temperature Dependence of-n Junction Diode Attribute
  • House Cost or Transition Capacitance CT
  • Diffusion Capacitance, CD 
  • Diode Switching Instances
  • Break Down Mechanism
  • Zener Diode
  • The Tunnel Diode
  • Varactor Diode

Chapter 3 Rectifiers, Filters, and Regulators

  • Rectifiers 
  • Half-Wave Rectifier
  • Full Wave Rectifier ( FWR ) 
  • Bridge Rectifiers 
  • Comparability of Rectifier Circuits 
  • Voltage Doubler Circuit
  • Inductor Filter Circuits
  • Capacitor Filter 
  • LC Filter 
  • CLC or 1t Filter 
  • A number of LC Filters 
  • Introduction to Regulators
  • Terminology

Chapter 4 Transistor Traits

  • Bipolar Junction Transistors ( BJT’s )
  • Transistor Building 
  •  The Ebers-Moll Equation 
  • Forms of Transistor Configurations
  • Conference for Transistors and Diodes
  • Area Impact Transistor (FET)
  • FET Construction 
  • FET Operation
  • JFET Volt-Ampere Traits 
  • Switch Traits of FET 
  • FET Small-Sign Mannequin
  • FET Tree 
  • The Depletion MOSFET 
  • CMOS Construction (Complementary MOS) 
  • Silicon Managed Rectifier
  • Unijunction Transistor (UJT) 
  • LED’s
  • Picture Diodes 
  • Picture Transistors

Chapter 5 Transistor Biasing and Stabilization

  • Transistor Biasing 
  • Mounted Bias Circuit or (Base Bias Circuit)
  • Bias Stability
  • Thermal Instability 
  • Stability Issue’ S’ for Mounted Bias Circuit 
  • Collector to Base Bias Circuit
  • Self Bias or Emitter Bias Circuit
  • Stability Issue’ S’ for Self Bias Circuit
  • Stability Issue S I
  • Stability Issue S” for Self Bias Circuit 
  • Sensible Issues 
  • Bias Compensation 
  • Biasing Circuits For Linear Built-in Circuits
  • Thermistor and Sensistor Compensation 
  • Thermal Runaway 
  • Stability Issue S” for Self Bias Circuit 
  • FETBiasing
  • Primary FET Circuits
  • Abstract 
  • Goal Kind Questions 
  • Essay Kind Questions 
  • A number of Selection Questions

Chapter 6 Amplifiers

  • Introduction
  • Black Field Concept
  • Transistor Hybrid Mannequin
  • The transistor in Widespread Emitter Configuration
  • Dedication of h-Parameters From the Traits of a Transistor 
  • Widespread Collector Configuration ( CC )
  • Hybrid Parameter Variations
  • Conversion of Parameters From C.B. to C.E
  • Measurement of h-Parameters 
  • Normal Amplifier Traits
  • Evaluation of Transistor Amplifier Circuit Utilizing h-Parameters
  • Comparability of the CE, CB, CC Configurations
  • Small Sign Evaluation of Junction Transistor 
  • Excessive Enter Resistance Transistor Circuits
  • Boot Strapped Darlington Circuit 
  • he Cascode Transistor Configuration 
  • The JFET Low-frequency Equal Circuits 
  • Comparability of FET and BJT Traits 
  • R. C. Coupled Amplifier 
  • Idea of fa’ fp and fT

Chapter 7 FeedbackAmplifiers 

  • FeedbackAmplifiers 
  • Classification of Amplifiers
  • Suggestions Idea 
  • Forms of Suggestions 
  • Impact of Unfavourable Suggestions on Switch Achieve 
  • Switch Achieve with Suggestions 
  • Classification of Suggestions Amplifiers 
  • Impact of Suggestions on Enter Resistance 
  • Impact of Unfavourable Suggestions on R 
  • Evaluation of Suggestions Amplifiers 

Chapter 8 Oscillators 

  • Oscillators 
  • Sinusoidal Oscillators 
  • Barkhausen Criterion 
  • R-C Part-Shift Oscillator (Utilizing JFET)
  • Transistor RC Part-Shift Oscillator 
  • The Normal type of LC Oscillator Circuit 
  • Loop Achieve 
  • Wien Bridge Oscillator 
  • Expression
  • Thermistor 
  • Sensor 
  • Amplitude Stabilization 
  • Functions
  • Resonant Circuit Oscillators 
  • Crystal Oscillators 
  • Frequency Stability 
  • Frequency of Oscillations for Parallel Resonance Circuit
  • I-MHz FET Crystals Oscillator Circuit

Electronic devices and circuits PDF

Author(s): K Lal Kishore

Publisher: BS Publications , Year: 2008

ISBN: 9781441669414

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