Book Name: [PDF] Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius
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Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius PDF

Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius PDF

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Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius 2nd Edition 64 Lessons with Projects by Dave Cutcher | PDF Free Download.

Author of Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius PDF

Dave Cutcher is a retired high school shop teacher. He always coaxed his students to believe in themselves and that success in life was not limited to school.

He taught young people and electronics was just the topic. Currently living in British Columbia, he teaches night school courses and does volunteer work within the community.

People comment that he always thinks outside of the box. His reply, “What box?” As a life long learner and adult with ADHD, he is interested in everything because everything is interesting.

Electronic Circuits Contents

PART ONE Components

  • Components 
  • Resist If You Must 
  • More Components and Semiconductors 
  • Two Projects and Then Some More

PART TWO Introduction to Digital Electronics

  • Digital Logic 
  • The First NAND Gate Circuit
  • Analog Switches for Digital Circuits 
  • The NAND Gate Oscillator
  • How Do We Understand What We Can’t See? 
  • Digital Logic Project

PART THREE Counting Systems in Electronics

  • Introducing an Analog-to-Digital Converter 
  • The 4017 Walking Ring Counter
  • Running a Seven-Segment Display 
  • Define, Design, and Make Your Own Project

PART FOUR Amplifiers: What They Are and How to Use Them

  • What Is an Amplifier? 
  • Exploring the Op-Amp 
  • Applying the Op Amp: Building the Intercom
  • Prototype and Design: Patience Has Its Rewards

PART FIVE Appendices

  • Common Component Packaging 
  • Capacitors: Reading and Decoding 
  • Animations List 
  • Glossary
  • Make Your Own Printed Circuit Boards

Preface to Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius eBook

WE CASUALLY ACCEPT ELECTRONICS in our everyday world. Those who don’t understand how it works are casually obedient.

Those who take the time to learn electronics are viewed as geniuses. Do you want to learn how to control the power of electronics? This text provides a solid introduction to the field of electronics, both analog and digital. Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius is based on practical projects that exercise the genius that exists in all of us.

Components are introduced as you build working circuits. These circuits are modified and analyzed to help explain the function of the components. It’s all hands-on.

The analysis is done by observation, using a digital multimeter, and using your computer as an oscilloscope.

You will build two major projects in the first part:

  • An automatic night light
  • A professional-quality alarm The remainder of the text focuses on three major projects, one per part:
  • Building a digital toy using logic gates
  • Designing and building an application using digital counting circuits
  • Applying transistors and Op Amps as you build a two-way intercom system The lessons and prototype circuits built in the book are focused on developing a solid foundation centered on each of these major projects. You work from ideas to prototypes, producing a final product.

Download Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius 2nd Edition PDF Free.

Contents Of The Book :

Part 1: Components.

Part 2: Introduction To Digital Electronics.

Part 3: Counting Systems In Electronics.

Part 4: Amplifiers: What They Are.

Part 5: Appendices.

Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius: 64 Lessons with Projects PDF

Author(s): Dave Cutcher

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics, Year: 2010

ISBN: 0071744126,9780071744126











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