Book Name: Electromagnetic Pump and Hardware Development for Organs on Chips
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Electromagnetic Pump and Hardware Development for Organs on Chips


Electromagnetic Pump and Hardware Development for Organs on Chips by Brij M. Bhushan | PDF Free Download.

Electromagnetic Pump and Hardware Development Contents


  1. Introduction 
  2. Thesis overview 

Diaphragm design for micro-pump

  1. Introduction 
  2. Modeling the deflection conduct of diaphragms 
  3.  Experiments 
  4. Outcomes and Conclusions 

Injection-molded, single-use pump take a look at blocks

  1. Introduction
  2. Current pneumatic diaphragm micro-pumps 
  3. Motivation for injection-molded platforms 
  4. Injection molded, single-use platforms 
  5. Issues for pneumatic diaphragm micro-pump
  6.  Designs of pump test-block components 
  7. Integration of pump and valve designs 
  8. Manufacturing and testing of injection-molded platforms 
  9.  Conclusions

Pumping designs for MPS platforms

  1. Introduction 
  2.  Literature Assessment 
  3. Prior work on micro-pumps in our lab
  4.  Motivation for a brand new pumping system 
  5. Idea exploration of pumping designs 
  6. Collection of pump design for additional exploration

Electromagnetically actuated diaphragm micro-pump

  1. Introduction
  2. Design overview of the EM actuator pump 
  3. Design and modeling of varied components of the EM actuator pump
  4. Integration, Manufacturing, and meeting of EM actuator pumps 
  5.  Testing of the EM actuator
  6.  Outcomes and Conclusions

Spillway design for passive liquid leveling

  1. Introduction
  2. Points with the prevailing V-cut entry spillways 
  3.  Necessities of passive levelling 
  4.  Spillway designs 
  5.  Experiments 
  6. Conclusions

Interconnection of 7-way and 3-way platforms for the 10-way

  1. Introduction 
  2. Necessities of the interconnect system 
  3. Modeling the interconnect conduct
  4. Experiments 
  5. Outcomes and Conclusions

Tubing choice to resolve condensation concern in platforms

  1.  Introduction 
  2.  Issues with water in pneumatic channels 
  3. Identification of the supply of water droplets 
  4. Permeability of polymers 
  5.  Figuring out supply of water vapor entry into the pneumatic channels
  6.  Desktop excessive relative humidity setup 
  7.  Low water-vapor permeability tubing choice 
  8.  Conclusions

Conclusions and recommendations for future work

  1. Conclusions 
  2. Options for Future Work 
  3. Abstract

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