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Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing 

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Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing pdf book

Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing 2nd Edition by Paul Gill | PDF Free Download.

Electrical Power Contents

  • Chapter 1 Maintenance Strategies, Dielectric Theory, Insulating Materials, Failure Modes, and Maintenance Impact on Arc-Flash Hazards
  • Chapter 2 Direct-Current Voltage Testing of Electrical Equipment
  • Chapter 3 Power Factor and Dissipation Factor Testing Methods
  • Chapter 4 Insulating Oils, Fluids, and Gases
  • Chapter 5 Transformers
  • Chapter 6 Cables and Accessories
  • Chapter 7 Medium-Voltage Switchgear and Circuit Breakers
  • Chapter 8 Low-Voltage Switchgear and Circuit Breakers
  • Chapter 9 Testing and Commissioning of Protective Relays and Instrument Transformers
  • Chapter 10 Motors and Generators
  • Chapter 11 Electrical Power System Grounding and Ground Resistance Measurements
  • Chapter 12 Power Quality, Harmonics, and Predictive Maintenance
  • Chapter 13 Electrical Safety, Arc-Flash Hazard, Switching Practices, and Precautions

Foreword to Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing

Paul Gill’s original book, Electrical Equipment Testing and Maintenance (1982), and the first edition, Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing published in 1997, were the first two books that addressed the practical aspects of electrical testing and maintenance of power system equipment and apparatus.

Both books presented testing methodologies and engineering basics on the subject of electrical testing and maintenance in one volume.

Considered the electrical testing and maintenance “bible,” Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing has been the leading treatise on the subject and an essential reference book for engineers and technicians concerned with the maintenance and testing of electrical power system equipment and apparatus.

Both of these textbooks were a must-read for the plant electrical engineer and plant maintenance technician as well as for electrical engineering graduates and students.

The first edition has become required reading for institutions offering electrical testing and maintenance curricula.

The first edition has also been an invaluable aid for technicians studying for the International Electrical Testing Association’s (NETA) levels II, III, and IV test technician examinations and is a valued reference for engineers and technicians in the electrical testing industry.

The second edition contains major revisions and is an improvement of the first edition. It represents a great deal of effort and study on the part of the author to compile, sort, and apply information and data supplied by manufacturers and allied industries together with that made available by relevant industry standards, institutions, and associations.

The second edition is an invaluable book for practicing engineers, technicians, managers, and others who are involved in the testing, maintenance, and care of electrical equipment and apparatus, as well as engineering students pursuing further studies in this field.

This new book has been substantially enhanced by the addition of updated information on various subjects.

For example, Chapter 1 has been revised to include information on reliability centered maintenance (RCM), insulating materials and insulation systems of electrical equipment, causes of insulation failure and failure modes of electrical equipment, temperature ratings, and the relationship between maintenance and arc-flash hazard.

Chapter 5 has been revised to include the latest tests performed on transformers including online monitoring tests.

Chapter 6 has been revised to include cable degradation and diagnostic online and off-line tests such as PF, VLF, and partial discharge; summary/comparison of various field tests; and latest trends in cable diagnostic testing.

Major revisions have been made to Chapter 7; the section on circuit breaker time travel has been expanded to fully cover how the test is to be conducted and evaluated, and the protective relays and instrument transformers previously covered in this chapter are now covered in a separate chapter.

The revisions to Chapter 8 include assessing service life and endurance requirements for low-voltage breakers, mechanical maintenance factors such as lubrication, electrical maintenance factors, and information on how to conduct thermographic surveys.

The original Chapter 9 now covers the testing and commissioning of protective relays and instrument transformers.

Instrument transformers and electromechanical, solid-state, static, and microprocessor relays including event reporting have been covered in greater detail with examples in Chapter 9.

Chapter 10 now covers motors and generators, and it has been revised to include an extensive guide on preventative maintenance of motors and variable frequency drives.

This chapter has added a discussion section on the online and off-line partial discharge testing and vibration analysis of motors.

A new Chapter 12 has been added to cover power quality and harmonic issues and their relationship to predictive maintenance since many causes of equipment failure are being attributed to poor power quality.

A new Chapter 13 covers the contents of the original Chapter 11. This chapter now includes a detailed discussion on arc-flash hazard regulatory basis, and how to perform an artful ash hazard study.

The revised second edition contains a wealth of new information and the original information in the first edition, with tables, formulas, diagrams, line drawings, and photographs.

Also, in this book, the text has been consolidated under each subject heading to facilitate easier reading and to locate information.

The original chapters have been updated to include the latest information on testing and test methods and two new chapters have been added to cover additional subjects.

The whole book has been organized to make it reader-friendly. The information contained herein will prove even more useful than that contained in the first edition.

The reader will find this book an invaluable resource on insulation materials and systems, aging stressors and failure modes of power equipment, and for the routine field (in situ) testing of electrical power system equipment and apparatus.

Also, in the revised second edition, the author has superbly explained the relationship between poor power quality and harmonics resulting from the application of nonlinear loads, and how it can impact insulation systems of power apparatus.

In this book, the author has explained various rules of thumb that exist in the industry for evaluating insulation test results and why they should not be followed blindly. We believe this is the only book that makes a significant attempt to address this issue.

We congratulate Gill for superbly improving on an excellent original book. We wholeheartedly recommend the new book to the reader.


Electrical power equipment maintenance and testing

Author(s): Paul Gill

Series: Power engineering 32

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2009

ISBN: 9781574446562,1574446568

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