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Electrical installation calculations Basic by A J Watkins and Chris Kitcher : Designed to provide a step-by-step guide to successful application of the electrical installation calculations required in day-to-day electrical engineering practice, the Electrical Installation Calculations series has proved an invaluable reference for over forty years, for both apprentices and professional electrical installation engineers alike. Now in its eighth edition, Volume 1 has been fully updated in line with the 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008) and references the material covered to the Wiring Regs throughout. The content meets the requirements of the 2330 Level 2 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology from City & Guilds. Essential calculations which may not necessarily feature as part of the requirements of the syllabus are retained for reference by professional electrical installation engineers based in industry, or for those students wishing to progress to higher levels of study.

The book’s structure and new design make finding the required calculation easy. Key terms are explained in a glossary section and worked examples and exercises are included throughout the text to maximise accessibility of the material for the reader. A complete question and answer section is included at the back of the book to enable readers to check their understanding of the calculations presented.

Also available: Electrical Installation Calculations Volume 2, 7th edn, by Watkins & Kitcher – the calculations required for advanced electrical installation work and Level 3 study and apprenticeships.

* The established series for carrying out correct electrical installation calculations -continuously in print for over 40 years [- now in colour] * New edition fully up-to-date with 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations
* Matched to the requirements of the City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology (2330)

Electrical installation calculations: Basic by A.J. Watkins and Chris Kitcher

Book Contents:

Use of Calculators
Simple Transposition of Formulae
SI Units
Conductor Colour Identifi cation
Circuit Calculations
Voltage Drop
Areas, Perimeters and Volume
Space Factors
Coulombs and Current Flow
Internal Resistance
Power in a d.c. and Purely Resistive a.c. Circuit
Power Factor
Electromagnetic Effect
Induced e.m.f.
Mutual Inductance
Cable Selection
Earth Fault Loop Impedance
Earth fault loop impedance Z s
Material Costs, Discounts and Value Added Tax 137
Electronic Symbols
Answers to Exercises

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Electrical Installation Calculations Basic PDF

Author(s): A.J. Watkins, Christopher Kitcher

Publisher: Newnes, Elsevier

ISBN: 1856176657,978-1-85617-665-1

Electrical installation calculations: Basic by A J  Watkins and Chris Kitcher PDF



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