Book Name: Electrical Characterization of Silicon on Insulator Materials and Devices
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Electrical Characterization of Silicon on Insulator Materials and Devices

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Electrical Characterization of Silicon on Insulator Materials and Devices

Electrical Characterization of Silicon on Insulator Materials and Devices by Sorin Cristoloveanu and Sheng S. Li | PDF Free Download.

Electrical Characterization Contents

  • Introduction
  • Strategies of Forming SOl Wafers
  • SOl Devices
  • Wafer-Screening Strategies 
  • Transport Measurements 
  • SIS Capacitor-Primarily based Characterization Strategies
  • Diode Measurements 
  • MOS Transistor Traits 
  • Transistor-Primarily based Characterization Strategies 
  • Monitoring Transistor Degradation

Preface to Electrical Characterization PDF

Silicon on Insulator is greater than a know-how, greater than a job, and greater than a enterprise in microelectronics; it’s one thing completely different and refreshing in gadget physics.

This guide recollects the exercise and enthusiasm of our SOl teams. Many contributing college students have since then disappeared from the SOl horizon.

Some of them believed that SOl was the good love of their scientific lives; others simply thought-about SOl as a unbelievable LEGO sport for adults. We thank all of them for kindly letting us think about that we had been guiding them.

This guide was very essential to many individuals. SOl engineers will definitely be glad: certainly, if the efficiency of their SOl elements just isn’t at all times excellent, they’ll now safely incriminate the relations given within the guide relatively than their course of.

Martine, Gunter, and Y.S. Chang can ponder ultimately the quantity of work they did with the figures. Our SOl accomplices already understand how a lot we borrowed from their experience and would discover it indecent to have their detailed contributions listed. Jean-Pierre and Dimitris incited the guide whereas sharing their expertise within the reliability of floating our bodies.

Our households and associates now notice the SOl functionality of dielectrically isolating us for about two years in a BOX. Our children inspired us to begin writing. Our wives undoubtedly gave us the braveness to cease writing.

That they had a tough time combating the signs of a quickly growing SOl allergy. There’s something good about writing a guide. A

t the least, one has an alibi for lacking unhealthy TV classes, escaping gardening, and avoiding shedding tennis video games.

Among the many varied languages we communicate, the least unhealthy widespread denominator was English. Since every of us has mastered about 2 x 103 phrases/m3e V-I, we secretly hoped to double this capital and to realize one thing readable by cooperating, dashing on data super-highways, and e-mailing SOl desires.

By likelihood, Kluwer was not satisfied in any respect by our optimism and generated rather a lot of powerful enhancing work. To hurry up the method, it was determined that phrases akin to voltage, interface, and the transistor will likely be maintained within the unique model with out being translated from French to English.

A quantity of errors stay. We’d be glad in the event that they had been to be thought-about as deliberately inserted to be able to check the diploma of somnolence of the reader.

Good luck and Bonne likelihood!

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