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Electric Power System Basics For the Nonelectrical Professionals by Steven W. Blume


This e-book is meant to offer nonelectrical professionals a elementary understanding of enormous, interconnected electrical energy programs with regard to terminology, electrical ideas, design issues, development practices, trade requirements, management room operations for each regular and emergency situations, upkeep, consumption, telecommunications, and security. A number of sensible examples, images, drawings, and illustrations are offered to assist the reader achieve a elementary understanding of electrical energy programs.

The aim of this e-book is to have the nonelectrical skilled come away with an in-depth understanding of how energy programs work, from electrical era to family wiring and consumption by linked home equipment. This e-book begins with terminology and primary electrical ideas utilized in the trade, then progresses via era, transmission, and distribution {of electrical} energy.

The reader is uncovered to all the vital elements of an interconnected energy system. Different matters mentioned embrace vitality administration, conservation {of electrical} vitality, consumption traits, and regulatory elements to assist readers perceive trendy electrical energy programs with a purpose to successfully talk with seasoned engineers, gear producers, subject personnel, regulatory officers, lobbyists, politicians, attorneys, and others working in the electrical trade.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTSI might personally wish to thank a number of individuals who have contributed to the success of my profession and the success of this e-book. To my spouse Maureen, who has been supporting me for greater than 40 years, thanks in your steering, understanding, encouragement, and a lot extra. Thanks Michele Wynne; your enthusiasm, organizational abilities, and inventive concepts are significantly appreciated.

Thanks Invoice Ackerman; you’re a nice go-to individual for technical solutions and courseware growth and also you at all times show professionalism and duty. Thanks John McDonald; your encouragement, imaginative and prescient, and recognition are significantly appreciated.

A short overview of every chapter is introduced right here as a result of understanding the place and when to count on particular matters and understanding how the info is organized on this e-book will assist the reader comprehend the materials simpler. The language used displays precise trade terminology. Chapter 1 offers a short but informative dialogue of the historical past that led to the energy programs we all know right now.

Then a system overview diagram with a short dialogue of the main divisions inside an electrical energy system is offered. Primary definitions and customary terminology are mentioned similar to voltage, present, energy, and vitality. Basic ideas similar to direct and alternating present (i.e., dc and ac), single-phase and three-phase era, sorts of hundreds, and energy system effectivity are mentioned with a purpose to set the stage for extra superior studying.

Electric Power System Basics for the Nonelectrical Professional PDF

Author(s): Steven W. Blume

Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press, Year: 2016

ISBN: 1119180198,9781119180197

The second edition of Steven W. Blume’s bestseller provides a comprehensive treatment of power technology for the non-electrical engineer working in the electric power industry

This book aims to give non-electrical professionals a fundamental understanding of large interconnected electrical power systems, better known as the “Power Grid”, with regard to terminology, electrical concepts, design considerations, construction practices, industry standards, control room operations for both normal and emergency conditions, maintenance, consumption, telecommunications and safety. The text begins with an overview of the terminology and basic electrical concepts commonly used in the industry then it examines the generation, transmission and distribution of power. Other topics discussed include energy management, conservation of electrical energy, consumption characteristics and regulatory aspects to help readers understand modern electric power systems. This second edition features:

New sections on renewable energy, regulatory changes, new measures to improve system reliability, and smart technologies used in the power grid system Updated practical examples, photographs, drawing, and illustrations to help the reader gain a better understanding of the material “Optional supplementary reading” sections within most chapters to elaborate on certain concepts by providing additional detail or backgroundElectric Power System Basics for the Nonelectrical Professional, Second Edition,gives business professionals in the industry and entry-level engineers a strong introduction to power technology in non-technical terms.

Steve W. Blumeis Founder of Applied Professional Training, Inc., APT Global, LLC, APT College, LLC and APT Corporate Training Services, LLC, USA. Steve is a registered professional engineer and certified NERC Reliability Coordinator with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in power and a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Telecommunications. He has more than 25 years’ experience teaching electric power system basics to non-electrical professionals. Steve’s engineering and operations experience includes generation, transmission, distribution, and electrical safety. He is an active senior member in IEEE and has published two books in power systems through IEEE and Wiley.

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