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Electric Machines Modeling, Situation Monitoring and Fault Prognosis by Hamid A. Toliyat | PDF Free Download. 

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Electric Machines Modeling Situation Monitoring and Fault Prognosis by Hamid A. Toliyat

Electric Machines Contents

  • Introduction
  • Faults in Induction and Synchronous Motors
  • Modeling of Electric Machines Utilizing Winding and Modified Winding Operate Approaches
  • Modeling of Electric Machines Utilizing Magnetic Equal Circuit Technique
  • Evaluation of Defective Induction Motors Utilizing Finite Aspect Technique
  • Fault Prognosis of Electric Machines Utilizing Strategies Based mostly on Frequency Area
  • Fault Prognosis of Electric Machines Utilizing Mannequin-Based mostly Strategies
  • Software of Sample Recognition to Fault Prognosis
  • Implementation of Motor Present Signature Evaluation Fault Prognosis Based mostly on Digital Sign Processors
  • Implementation of Fault Prognosis in Hybrid Electric Automobiles Based mostly on Reference Body Concept
  • Strong Sign Processing Strategies for the Implementation of Motor Present Signature Evaluation Prognosis Based mostly on Digital Sign Processors

Preface to Electric Machines PDF

The event of the electrical motor is likely one of the best achievements of the fashionable power conversion business.

Numerous electrical motors are being utilized in our each day lives for vital service purposes akin to transportation, medical remedy, navy operation, and communication.

Nevertheless, because of the basic limitations of fabric lifetime, deterioration, contamination, manufacturing defects, or damages in operations, {an electrical} motor will finally go into failure mode.

An surprising failure would possibly result in the lack of helpful human life or a expensive standstill in business, which must be prevented by exactly detecting or constantly monitoring the working situation of a motor.

This guide was written to supply a full evaluate of prognosis applied sciences and as an software information for graduate and senior undergraduate college students within the energy electronics self-discipline who need to analysis, develop, and implement a fault prognosis and situation monitoring scheme for higher security and improved reliability in electrical motor operation.

Moreover, electrical and mechanical engineers within the business are additionally inspired to make use of parts of this guide as a reference to know the basics of fault trigger and impact and to satisfy profitable implementation.

This guide approaches the fault prognosis {of electrical} motors by means of the method of theoretical evaluation after which sensible software.

First, the basics of machine failure are evaluated using the winding features technique, the magnetic equal circuit technique, and finite component evaluation.

Second, the implementation of fault prognosis is reviewed with strategies such because the motor present signature evaluation (MCSA) technique, frequency area technique, model-based strategies, and sample recognition scheme.

Particularly, the MCSA implementation technique is offered intimately within the final chapters of the guide, which debate sturdy sign processing strategies and reference-frame-theory-based fault prognosis implementation for hybrid autos for example.

These theoretical evaluation and sensible implementation methods are primarily based on a few years of analysis and growth on the Electrical Machines & Energy Electronics (EMPE) Laboratory at Texas A&M College.

The inhabitants of electrical motors has vastly elevated lately, not solely in america but additionally on the earth market as proven in Desk 1.1 and Desk  1.2. The world market is anticipated to be round $16.1 billion in 2011, which is assumed greater than 50% development simply inside 5 years [1].

Electric motors have been utilized to nearly each place in our each day life, akin to manufacturing programs, air transportations, floor transportations, constructing air-conditioner programs, dwelling power conversion programs, numerous cooling programs in electrical gadgets, and even cellphone vibration programs.

It is usually a widely known proven fact that the electrical motors devour greater than 50% of entire electrical power demand in america.

The annual electrical power demand in america was 3,873 billion kilowatt-hours in 2008, which is anticipated to be additional elevated in yearly relying on inhabitants and financial development [11].

This knowledge signifies that greater than 1,900 billion kilowatt-hours is consumed by electrical motors yearly in america, which is the largest power consumption by any single electrical machine in trendy society.

Electric Machines: Modeling, Condition Monitoring, and Fault Diagnosis PDF

Author(s): Hamid A. Toliyat, Subhasis Nandi, Seungdeog Choi, Homayoun Meshgin-Kelk

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2013

ISBN: 0849370272, 9780849370274

With countless electric motors being used in daily life, in everything from transportation and medical treatment to military operation and communication, unexpected failures can lead to the loss of valuable human life or a costly standstill in industry. To prevent this, it is important to precisely detect or continuously monitor the working condition of a motor. Electric Machines: Modeling, Condition Monitoring, and Fault Diagnosis reviews diagnosis technologies and provides an application guide for readers who want to research, develop, and implement a more effective fault diagnosis and condition monitoring scheme—thus improving safety and reliability in electric motor operation. It also supplies a solid foundation in fault cause and effect fundamentals. Combines Theoretical Analysis and Practical Application Written by experts in electrical engineering, the book approaches the fault diagnosis of electrical motors through the process of theoretical analysis and practical application. It begins by explaining how to analyze the fundamentals of machine failure using the winding functions method, the magnetic equivalent circuit method, and finite element analysis. It then examines how to implement fault diagnosis using techniques such as the motor current signature analysis (MCSA) method, frequency domain method, model-based techniques, and a pattern recognition scheme. Emphasizing the MCSA implementation method, the authors discuss robust signal processing techniques and the implementation of reference-frame-theory-based fault diagnosis for hybrid vehicles. Fault Modeling, Diagnosis, and Implementation in One Volume Based on years of research and development at the Electrical Machines & Power Electronics (EMPE) Laboratory at Texas A&M University, this book describes practical analysis and implementation strategies that readers can use in their work. In one volume, it brings together the fundamentals of motor fault conditions, advanced fault modeling theory, fault diagnosis techniques, and low-cost DSP-based fault diagnosis implementation strategies.

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