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Electric Generators Handbook Variable Speed Generators Second Version by Ion Boldea

Preface The primary version of this single-author, two-book set was printed in 2006. Since then, electrical power, “produced” principally by way of electrical turbines, has change into one of many foremost actions in our international economic system world. The topic of electrical turbines (Synchronous Generators and Variable Speed Generators as two books) attracted particular consideration worldwide each from business and academia within the final decade. Electric turbines’ design and management could represent a brand new graduate course in universities with electrical energy applications. Additionally, within the design and management of electrical turbines for purposes starting from power conversion to electrical autos (transportation) and auxiliary energy sources, new data and developments have been printed within the final ten years. Within the final ten years, in wind turbines alone, the put in energy has elevated from some 40,000 MW to 300,000 MW (in 2014). In view of those developments, we determined to give you a brand new version that • Retains the construction of the primary version to keep away from confusion for customers • Retains the type with many numerical worked-out examples of sensible curiosity, along with extra full case research • Contains textual content and quantity corrections • Provides fairly just a few new paragraphs in each books, totaling round 100 pages, as an instance synthetically the progress within the subject within the final decade.

Electric Generators Handbook – Two Volume Set: Variable Speed Generators, Second Edition PDF

Author(s): Ion Boldea

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2015

ISBN: 1498723578,9781498723572

Variable Speed Generators, the second of two volumes in the Electric Generators Handbook, provides extensive coverage of variable speed generators in distributed generation and renewable energy applications around the world. The book delves into the steady state, transients, control, and design of claw-pole-rotor synchronous, induction, permanent-magnet-(PM)-assisted synchronous, and switched reluctance starter alternators for electric hybrid vehicles. It discusses PM synchronous, transverse flux PM, and flux reversal PM generators for low-speed wind and hydro energy conversion. It also explores linear motion alternators for residential and spacecraft applications. Numerous design and control examples illustrate the exposition.

Fully revised and updated to reflect the last decade’s worth of progress in the field, this Second Edition adds new sections that:

Address the ride-through control of doubly fed induction generators under unbalanced voltage sags
Consider the control of stand-alone doubly fed induction generators under unbalanced nonlinear loads
Detail a stand-alone squirrel cage induction generator (SCIG) with AC output and a low-rating pulse-width modulated (PWM) converter
Present a twin stator winding SCIG with 50 percent rating inverter and diode rectifier, and a dual stator winding induction generator with nested cage rotor
Examine interior permanent magnet claw-pole-alternator systems for more vehicle braking energy recuperation, and high power factor Vernier PM generators
Depict a PM-assisted reluctance synchronous motor/generator for an electric hybrid vehicle, and a double stator switched reluctance generator with segmented rotor
Describe the grid to stand-alone transition motion-sensorless dual-inverter control of permanent magnet synchronous generators with asymmetrical grid voltage sags and harmonics filtering
The promise of renewable, sustainable energy rests on our ability to design innovative power systems that are able to harness energy from a variety of sources. Variable Speed Generators, Second Edition supplies state-of-the-art tools necessary to design, validate, and deploy the right power generation technologies to fulfill tomorrow’s complex energy needs.

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