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Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Technologies Modeling and Control

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Technologies, Modeling and Control: A Mechatronic Method by Amir Khajepour, Saber Fallah and Avesta Goodarzi | PDF Free Download.

Contents of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles PDF

Introduction to Automobile Propulsion and Powertrain Technologies 

  • Historical past of Automobile Improvement 
  • Inner Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICEVs) 
  • The 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine 
  • The 4-Stroke Diesel Engine 
  • ICE Efficiency Traits 
  • ICE Automobile Emissions 
  • Automobile Emission Control Technologies 
  • Superior Engine Design 
  • Catalytic Converters 
  • The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) 
  • Exhaust Fuel Recirculation (EGR) 
  • Crankcase Emission Control System 
  • Vehicles with Different Fuels 
  • Pure Fuel Vehicles (NGVs) 
  • Liquefied Petroleum Fuel Vehicles (LPGVs) 
  • Biodiesel 
  • Hydrogen 
  • Powertrain Technologies 
  • Rear-Wheel Drive Powertrains 
  • Entrance-Wheel Drive (FWD) Powertrains 
  • Multi-Wheel Drive Powertrains 
  • Transmission Methods 
  • Handbook Transmission/Transaxle Methods 
  • Computerized Transmission/Transaxle Methods 
  • Automated Handbook Transmissions (AMTs) 
  • Steady Variable Transmissions (CVTs) 
  • Drivetrain and Differentials 
  • Open Differentials 
  • Restricted Slip Differentials
  • Locking Differentials 
  • Switch Case Differentials 
  • Issues 
  • References

Electric and Hybrid Powertrain Technologies 

  • Introduction 
  • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) 
  • The BEV Powertrain Configuration 
  • Electric Traction Motors 
  • Power Sources and Storages 
  • Energy Digital Converters 
  • Energy Bus 
  • Regenerative Braking System 
  • Gasoline-Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) 
  • Gasoline-Cell Technologies 
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles 
  • Diploma of Hybridization 
  • Parallel Hybrid Configuration 
  • Sequence Hybrid Configuration 
  • Energy-Break up Configuration 
  • Compound Hybrid Configuration 
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) 
  • Hybrid Hydraulic Vehicles (HHVs) 
  • Pneumatic Hybrid Vehicles (PHVs) 
  • Energy/Power Administration Methods 
  • Abstract 
  • Issues 
  • References

Physique and Chassis Technologies and Design 

  • Introduction 
  • Common Configuration of Vehicles 
  • Physique and Chassis Fundamentals 
  • Common Packaging 
  • Design Standards 
  • Design Hundreds 
  • Totally different Sorts of Structural Methods 
  • Physique-on-Body Building 
  • Spine Building 
  • House Body Building 
  • Unibody Building 
  • Physique and Chassis Supplies 
  • Low Carbon Metal 
  • Superior Excessive Power Steels 
  • Nonferrous Metals
  • Nonmetallic Supplies 
  • Multi-Materials Method in Automobile Physique Design 
  • Particular Concerns in Physique and Chassis Design of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles 
  • Packaging 
  • Materials Choice 
  • Aerodynamics 
  • The Chassis Methods of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles 
  • The Suspension System 
  • The Steering System 
  • The Braking System 
  • Issues 
  • References

Automobile Dynamics Fundamentals 

  • Introduction 
  • Ideas and Terminology 
  • Analysis Standards for Automobile Dynamics 
  • Weights and Dimensions 
  • Automobile Kinematics 
  • Automobile Coordinate Methods 
  • Automobile Motions 
  • Longitudinal and Lateral Slips 
  • Planar Automobile Kinematics 
  • Three-Dimensional Automobile Kinematics 
  • Automobile Forces and Moments 
  • Tire Mechanics and Modeling 
  • Tire Attribute Curves 
  • Tire Fashions 
  • The Magic Method (FM) Tire Mannequin 
  • Issues 
  • References

Modelling and Traits of EV/HEV Powertrains Parts 

  • Introduction 
  • ICE Efficiency Traits 
  • Energy and Torque Technology 
  • Imply Efficient Strain 
  • Particular Gasoline Consumption 
  • Gasoline Conversion Effectivity 
  • Mechanical Effectivity 
  • Air–Gasoline Ratio 
  • Volumetric Effectivity 
  • Compression Ratio 
  • Particular Emissions 
  • Relationships between ICE Efficiency Traits
  • Electric Motor Efficiency Traits 
  • Energy and Torque Technology 
  • Effectivity 
  • DC Motors 
  • Induction AC Motors 
  • Regular-State Efficiency Evaluation 
  • Everlasting-Magnet AC Motors 
  • Battery Efficiency Traits 
  • Battery Capability 
  • Open Circuit and Terminal Voltages 
  • Cost/Discharge Charge 
  • State of Cost/Discharge 
  • Depth of Discharge 
  • Battery Power Density and Particular Power 
  • Battery Energy Density and Particular Energy 
  • Battery Effectivity 
  • Transmission and Drivetrain Traits 
  • Gearboxes 
  • Planetary Gear Set 
  • V-Belt CVTs 
  • Driveline Losses 
  • Regenerative Braking Traits 
  • Driving Cycles 
  • EPA Driving Cycles 
  • The European NEDC 
  • The Japan – Mode 
  • Issues 
  • References

Modeling and Evaluation of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles’ Propulsion and Braking 

  • Introduction 
  • The Longitudinal Dynamics Equation of Movement 
  • Automobile Propulsion Modeling and Evaluation 
  • Inner Combustion Engine Vehicles 
  • Electric Vehicles 
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles 
  • Automobile Braking Modeling and Evaluation 
  • Issues 
  • Dealing with Evaluation of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles 
  • Introduction 
  • Simplified Dealing with Fashions 
  • Single Monitor Linear Dealing with Mannequin 
  • Analytical Dealing with Evaluation 
  • Roll and Pitch Dynamics Fashions
  • Complete Dealing with Mannequin of EVs and HEVs 
  • Automobile Kinetics Mannequin 
  • The Tire Mannequin 
  • Powertrain and Wheel Dynamics Mannequin 
  • Simulation Examine 
  • Issues 
  • References

Power/Energy Allocation and Administration 

  • Introduction 
  • Energy/Power Administration Controllers 
  • Rule-Based mostly Control Methods 
  • Deterministic Rule-Based mostly Control Methods 
  • Fuzzy-Rule-Based mostly Control Methods 
  • Rule-Based mostly Control Methods for PHEVs 
  • Optimization-Based mostly Control Methods 
  • Optimization Downside Formulation 
  • World Power/Energy Administration Optimization 
  • Actual-Time Power/Energy Administration Optimization 
  • Optimization Strategies 
  • References

Control of Electric and Hybrid Electric Automobile Dynamics 

  • Introduction 
  • Fundamentals of Automobile Dynamic Control (VDC) Methods 
  • Driver, Automobile, and Atmosphere 
  • Working Precept of VDC methods 
  • VDC Methods Classification 
  • VDC Implementation on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 
  • Construction of the Control System 
  • Control System Design 
  • Simulation Examine 
  • Issues 
  • References

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Technologies, Modeling and Control – A Mechatronic Approach PDF

Author(s): Amir Khajepour, M. Saber Fallah, Avesta Goodarzi

Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2014

ISBN: 1118341511,9781118341513

An advanced level introductory book covering fundamental aspects, design and dynamics of electric and hybrid electric vehicles

There is significant demand for an understanding of the fundamentals, technologies, and design of electric and hybrid electric vehicles and their components from researchers, engineers, and graduate students. Although there is a good body of work in the literature, there is still a great need for electric and hybrid vehicle teaching materials. Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Technologies, Modeling and Control A Mechatronic Approach is based on the authors current research in vehicle systems and will include chapters on vehicle propulsion systems, the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics, EV and HEV technologies, chassis systems, steering control systems, and state, parameter and force estimations. The book is highly illustrated, and examples will be given throughout the book based on real applications and challenges in the automotive industry. * Designed to help a new generation of engineers needing to master the principles of and further advances in hybrid vehicle technology * Includes examples of real applications and challenges in the automotive industry with problems and solutions * Takes a mechatronics approach to the study of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, appealing to mechanical and electrical engineering interests * Responds to the increase in demand of universities offering courses in newer electric vehicle technologies

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