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[PDF] Molecular Ecology – J. Freeland (Wiley, 2005)

    [PDF] Molecular Ecology – J. Freeland (Wiley, 2005)[PDF] Molecular Ecology – J. Freeland (Wiley, 2005)

    [PDF] Molecular Ecology – J. Freeland (Wiley, 2005) Table Of Contents

    Chapter 1 Molecular Genetics in Ecology (pages 1–34): Chapter 2 Molecular Markers in Ecology (pages 35–75): Chapter 3 Genetic Analysis of Single Populations (pages 77–128): Chapter 4 Genetic Analysis of Multiple Populations (pages 129–177): Chapter 5 Studying Ecologically Important Traits: Ecogenomics, QTL Analysis, and Reverse Genetics (pages 179–224): Chapter 6 Phylogeography (pages 225–269): Chapter 7 Behavioural Ecology (pages 271–318): Chapter 8 Conservation Genetics (pages 319–366):

    Info:Molecular Ecology, 2nd Edition provides an accessible introduction to the many diverse aspects of this subject. The book takes a logical and progressive approach to uniting examples from a wide range of taxonomic groups. The straightforward writing style offers in depth analysis whilst making often challenging subjects such as population genetics and phylogenetics highly comprehensible to the reader.
    The first part of the book introduces the essential underpinnings of molecular ecology and gives a review of genetics and discussion of the molecular markers that are most frequently used in ecological research, and a chapter devoted to the newly emerging field of ecological genomics. The second half of the book covers specific applications of molecular ecology, covering phylogeography, behavioural ecology and conservation genetics.
    The new edition provides a thoroughly up-to-date introduction to the field, emphasising new types of analyses and including current examples and techniques whilst also retaining the information-rich, highly readable style which set the first edition apart.Incorporates both theoretical and applied perspectivesHighly accessible, user-friendly approach and presentationIncludes self-assessment activities with hypothetical cases based on actual species and realistic data setsUses case studies to place the theory in contextProvides coverage of population genetics, genomics, phylogeography, behavioural ecology and conservation genetics.


    Molecular Ecology PDF

    Author(s): Joanna R. Freeland, Stephen D. Petersen, Heather Kirk

    Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell, Year: 2011

    ISBN: 0470748338


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