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[PDF] iOS App Reverse Engineering

[PDF] iOS App Reverse Engineering[PDF] iOS App Reverse Engineering

Book Description:

iOS App Reverse Engineering is the world’s 1st book of very detailed iOS App reverse engineering skills, targeting 4 kinds of readers:
iOS enthusiasts;
Senior iOS developers, who have good command of App development and have the desire to understand iOS better;
Architects. During the process of reverse engineering, they can learn architectures of those excellent Apps so that they can improve their ability of architecture design;
Reverse engineers in other systems who’re also interested in iOS.

The book consists of 4 parts, i.e. concepts, tools, theories and practices. The book follows an “abstraction, concrete, abstraction, concrete” structure, starting from basic concepts like iOS filesystem hierarchy and iOS file types that Apple didn’t expose to App developers but iOS (jailbreak) researchers should know, then goes through the most commonly used tools like class-dump, Theos, Cycript, Reveal, IDA and LLDB to introduce what to do in iOS reverse engineering. After that, iOS reverse engineering theories based on Objective-C and ARM assembly are explained in a methodological way, pointing out the core of this book. Last but not least, 4 originally elaborated practices are there to cover all previous contents of the book and give you the most intuitive perception of iOS reverse engineering. Happy hacking!

Introduction to iOS reverse engineering
Introduction to jailbroken iOS
OSX toolkit
iOS toolkit
Objective-C related iOS reverse engineering
ARM related iOS reverse engineering
Practice 1: Characount for Notes 8
Practice 2: Mark user specific emails as read automatically
Practice 3: Save and share Sight in WeChat
Practice 4: Detect And Send iMessages
Jailbreaking for Developers, An Overview
Evading the Sandbox
Tweaking is the new-age hacking

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