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[PDF] Bioinformatics Computing – Bryan Bergeron

[PDF] Bioinformatics Computing – Bryan Bergeron[PDF] Bioinformatics Computing – Bryan Bergeron

Book Description:

Bioinformatics Computing is a practical guide to computing in the growing field of Bioinformatics (the study of how information is represented and transmitted in biological systems, starting at the molecular level). This book brings life scientists at every level – from students to research directors – up to speed in computational techniques that apply directly to their work. The life science community needs a practical guide that illustrates the computer science advances that have been made in the past several decades in areas of computer visualization, large database designs, machine learning and other forms of advanced pattern matching, statistical methods, and distributed computing techniques. In addition to exploring general information technology issues, each chapter identifies technologies and approaches on the near horizon that will have a significant impact on bioinformatics, and introduces some of the global, societal issues that will likely define bioinformatics developments in the future.


Bioinformatics computing

Author(s): Bryan Bergeron

Publisher: Prentice Hall/Professional Technical Reference, Year: 2003

ISBN: 9780131008250





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