Book Name: Earthquake Engineering for Structural Design
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Earthquake Engineering for Structural Design

Earthquake Engineering for Structural Design Book By Victor Gioncu and Federico M. Mazzolani

Earthquakes represent the largest potential source of casualties and damage for

inhabited areas due to natural hazard. Although the location varies, the pattern is

the same: an earthquake strikes without warning, leaving cities in rubble and

killing tens to hundreds of thousands of people. Worldwide during the 20th

Century, there were ten earthquakes killing more than 50,000 people and over 100

earthquakes killing more than 1000 people (FEMA 383, 2003). Every year,

something like five thousand to ten thousand people die during earthquakes

worldwide. The 1976 Tangshan-China (magnitude M 8.0), the worst earthquake in

recent times, killed over 600,000. Among these terrifying data, the moderate 1994

Northridge in Los Angeles (magnitude M 6.7), which killed 60 people, and 1995

Kobe in Japan (magnitude M 6.9), which killed 5600 people, seemed to be

relatively insignificant. Nevertheless, these two earthquakes have changed the

direction of earthquake engineering research throughout the World (Blakeborough,

2002). Two main reasons produced this crucial change.


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