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Category: Web Development
Language: English
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56e520a118b2e.jpg Author Emma Jane Hogbin
Isbn 9780137041299
File size 18 Mb
Year 2011
Pages 464
Language English
File format PDF
Category Web Development

Drupal User’s Guide

Book Description:

Finally, Drupal Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Guide from
Planning to Finished Site

Drupal™ User’s Guide shows how to use Drupal 7’s
newest improvements to build more modern, manageable sites for
any business or organization. Hogbin covers crucial topics
other Drupal books ignore, including search engine optimization
and accessibility.

  • Walk through installing Drupal on Mac OS X and Linux Web
  • Get comfortable with Drupal 7’s new administrative
  • Build a basic site in minutes
  • Create S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable,
    Realistic, Timely) site goals
  • Audit your existing content so you can make the most of it
  • Explore, choose, and customize Drupal themes
  • Walk through building a community site with private
    discussion area
  • Build a complete business association directory site
  • Use Web forms to capture and display any kind of content
  • Take advantage of Drupal’s powerful Views module
  • Choose the right Drupal and third-party modules to build
    virtually any site
  • Optimize your site for Google and other search engines
  • Use advanced techniques to improve your visitors’

If you want to create great sites with Drupal–with no hassle,
no confusion, and no degree in computer science–this is the
book for you!


Drupal User’s Guide: Building and Administering a Successful Drupal-Powered Web Site

Author(s): Emma Jane Hogbin

Publisher: Prentice Hall, Year: 2011

ISBN: 0137041292

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