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Divided We Fall by David French 

Divided We Fall by David French pdf

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David French says that the country and the whole world could be in danger if we don’t find the courage to work out our political differences.

Since the Civil War, the U.S. has never been less united than it is now, two decades into the 21st century. We have more different ideas and ways of life than ever before. But both red and blue states, as well as religious and nonreligious groups, liberal and conservative idealists, and Republican and Democratic representatives, all agree on one thing: they all think that a violent opposition is threatening their own cultures and rights. This polarized tribalism, which is supported by the loudest, most angry fringe extremists on both the left and the right, sees dialogue as a form of appeasement and could very well lead to secession if it isn’t stopped.

Divided We Fall is an honest look at the true size and dangers of this growing ideological gap and what could happen if we don’t close it. It does this by combining cutting-edge research with fair-minded analysis. French shows difficult but possible ways that the United States could break up into different parts that would weaken the country and make the world less stable.

But nothing is set in stone about our future. By putting into practice James Madison’s idea of pluralism, which says that everyone has the right to form communities that reflect their values, we can stop oppressive groups from gaining total power and keep everyone’s beliefs and identities the same in all fifty states.

Rebuilding national unity will require us to be brave enough to commit to being kind, decent, and gracious to people whose ideas we disagree with. French asks us all to show absolute tolerance so that the divisions in America can be healed. We must learn to stand together again if we want to stay together.


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Author(s): David French

Publisher: St. Martin’s Publishing Group, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9781250201980


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