Book Name: Digital Signal Processing Using The Arm Cortex M4
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Digital Signal Processing Using The Arm Cortex M4

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Digital Signal Processing Using The Arm Cortex M4

Digital Signal Processing Using The Arm Cortex M4 by Donald S. Reay | PDF Free Download.

Digital Signal Processing Contents

  • ARM® CORTEX® – M4 Development Systems
  • Analog Input and Output
  • Finite Impulse Response Filters
  • Infinite Impulse Response Filters
  • Fast Fourier Transform
  • Adaptive Filters

Preface to Digital Signal Processing Using The Arm Cortex M4

This book continues the series started in 1990 by Ralph Chassaing and Darrell Horning’s Digital Signal Processing with the TMS320C25, which tracked the development of successive generations of digital signal processors by Texas Instruments.

More specifically, each book in the series up until now has complemented a different inexpensive DSP development kit promoted for teaching purposes by the Texas Instruments University Program.

A consistent theme in the books has been the provision of a large number of simple example programs illustrating DSP concepts in real-time, in an electrical engineering laboratory setting.

It was Ralph Chassaing’s belief, and this author continues to believe, that hands-on teaching of DSP, using hardware development kits and laboratory test equipment to process analog audio frequency signals, is a valuable and effective way of reinforcing the theory taught in lectures.

The contents of the books, insofar as they concern fundamental concepts of digital signal processing such as analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, finite impulse response (FIR) and infinite impulse response (IIR) filtering, the Fourier transform, and adaptive filtering, have changed little.

Every academic year brings another cohort of students wanting to study this material. However, each book has featured a different DSP development kit. In 2013, Robert Owen suggested to me that hands-on DSP teaching could be implemented using an inexpensive ARM® Cortex-M4® microcontroller.

I pointed out that a Texas Instruments C674x processor was very significantly more computationally powerful than an ARM Cortex-M4. But I also went ahead and purchased a Texas Instruments Stellaris LaunchPad. I constructed an audio interface using a Wolfson WM8731 codec and successfully ported the program examples from my previous book to that hardware platform.

This book is aimed at senior undergraduate and postgraduate electrical engineering students who have some knowledge of C programming and linear systems theory, but it is intended, and hoped, that it may serve as a useful resource for anyone involved in teaching or learning DSP and as a starting point for teaching or learning more.

I am grateful to Robert Owen for first making me aware of the ARM Cortex-M4; to Khaled Benkrid at the ARM University Program and to the Royal Academy of Engineering for making possible a six-month Industrial Secondment to ARM during which teaching materials for the STM32f01 platform were developed

To Gordon McLeod and Scott Hendry at Wolfson Microelectronics for their help in getting the Wolfson Pi audio card to work with the STM32f01 Discovery; to Sean Hong, Karthik Shivashankar, and Robert Iannello at ARM for all their help

To Joan Teixidor Buixeda for helping to debug the program examples; to Cathy Wicks at the TI University Program and Hieu Duong at Circuito for developing the audio booster pack; and to Kari Capone and Brett Kurzman at Wiley for their patience.

But above all, I thank Ralph Chassaing for inspiring me to get involved in teaching hands-on DSP.

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