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Digital Fundamentals GTU Book (3130704) Book Pdf Free Download

Digital Fundamentals GTU Book By A.P. Godse, D.A. Godse

Digital Fundamentals GTU Book (3130704) is Gtu e-book for Gujarat Technological College Laptop Science And IT College students in Engineering by A.P. Godse, D.A. Godse.

It accommodates following chapters :

1. Module 1: Fundamentals of Digital Methods and Logic Households Digital alerts, digital circuits, AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR and Unique-OR operations, Boolean algebra, examples of IC gates, quantity systems-binary, signed binary, octal hexadecimal quantity, binary arithmetic, one’s and two’s enhances arithmetic, codes, error detecting and correcting codes, traits of digital ICs, digital logic households, TTL, Schottky TTL and CMOS logic, interfacing CMOS and TTL, Tri-state logic.

2. Module 2: Combinational Digital Circuits Normal illustration for logic capabilities, Okay-map illustration, and simplification of logic capabilities utilizing Okay-map, minimization of logical capabilities. Don’t care situations, Multiplexer, De-Multiplexer/Decoders, Adders, Subtractors, BCD arithmetic, carry look forward adder, serial adder, ALU, elementary ALU design, fashionable MSI chips, digital comparator, parity checker/generator, code converters, precedence encoders, decoders/drivers for show gadgets, Q-M technique of perform realization.

3. Module 3: Sequential Circuits and Methods A 1-bit reminiscence, the circuit properties of Bistable latch, the clocked SR flip flop, J- Okay-T and D varieties flip flops, functions of flip flops, shift registers, functions of shift registers, serial to parallel converter, parallel to serial converter, ring counter, sequence generator, ripple(Asynchronous) counters, synchronous counters, counters design utilizing flip flops, particular counter IC’s, asynchronous sequential counters, functions of counters.

4. Module 4: A/D and D/A Converters Digital to Analog Converters Weighted resistor/converter, R-2R Ladder D/A converter, specs for D/A converters, examples of D/A converter ICs, pattern and maintain circuit, analog to digital converters: 5. Module 5: Semiconductor Recollections and Programmable Logic Gadgets



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