Book Name: Developing with Eclipse and Maven
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Developing with Eclipse and Maven 

Book Description:

This free book details the essential information you need to use Maven within the intuitive Eclipse Interface. Use m2eclipse to manage builds and interact with Maven repositories using Eclipse visually. With m2eclipse, you can enjoy the comfort and safety of the Eclipse IDE while managing both simple and multi-module Maven projects – and this book shows you how. Let the experts show you how m2eclipse makes Java development faster and easier by integrating data from Maven Project Object Models with Eclipse IDE features.

Developing with Eclipse and Maven details:

– How to Install, Run and Configure m2eclipse
– Creating and Importing Maven Projects
– Running Maven Builds
– Working with Maven Repositories and Projects
– Analyzing and Resolving Dependencies
– Best Practices and MoreRead this book to learn how to use m2eclipse and its impressive feature set to streamline development using Maven and Eclipse.


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