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Table of contents :

Chapter 1 Reverse Osmosis Chemistry — Basics, Barriers and
by Robert Y. Ning
Chapter 2 Modified Nanofiltration Membranes Performance Improvement
for Desalination Applications
by A. A. Abuhabib
Chapter 3 Phase Diagram and Membrane Desalination
by Ayman Taha Abd El-aziem El-gendi
Chapter 4 Search for Environmentally Friendly Technology for Processing
Molybdenum Concentrates
by E.I. Kharin, N.A. Vatolin, B.D. Khalezov and E.A. Zelenin
Chapter 5 Solar-Powered Desalination
by Emrah Deniz
Chapter 6 Cogeneration Power-Desalting Plants Using Gas Turbine
Combined Cycle
by M.A. Darwish, H.K. Abdulrahim, A.A. Mabrouk and A.S. Hassan
Chapter 7 Adsorption Cycle and Its Hybrid with Multi-Effect Desalination
by Muhammad Wakil Shahzad, Kyaw Thu, Ang Li, Azhar Bin
Ismail and Kim Choon Ng
Chapter 8 Techno-Economics of Hybrid NF/FO with Thermal
Desalination Plants
by Abdel Nasser Mabrouk, Hassan Fath, Mohamed Darwish
and Hassan Abdulrahim
Chapter 9 The Expanded Electrodeionization Method for Sewage
by Yansheng Li, Zhigang Liu, Ying Wang and Yunze Hui
Chapter 10 Cr(VI) Adsorption Onto Biomass Waste Material-Derived
Activated Carbon
by Dilek Duranoğlu and Ulker Beker


Download Desalination Updates PDF 

Author(s): Robert Y. Ning

Publisher: AvE4EvA, Year: 2015

ISBN: 953-51-2189-8 ; 978-953-51-2189-3


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