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Cryptography An Introduction

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One might wonder why do we still need another book on cryptography? There have been many books that provide a quick introduction to all fields, such as Schneier’s, or one that provides an encyclopedic overview, such as the Handbook of Applied Cryptography (hereinafter referred to as the HAC). However, none of these books are suitable for a college course. Furthermore, the approach to technical public key algorithms has changed dramatically in recent years, with the advent of “auditable security”. A cryptographer no longer formally discusses why his new algorithm is secure, there is now a framework within which one can prove security against malicious actors. other well-researched notions.

Cryptography courses are now offered at all major universities, sometimes as part of a math degree, sometimes as part of a computer science degree, and sometimes as part of an engineering degree. electricity. Indeed, a single course often has to satisfy the requirements of all three types of students, plus some other subjects treat the course as an ‘open unit’. The backgrounds and needs of these students vary, some will need an overview of the algorithms currently in use, while others will want an introduction to current research directions. Therefore, it seems necessary to have a textbook that starts at a low level and builds students’ confidence until they can read for example the HAC without any problems.


Cryptography: An introduction (3rd edition)

Author(s): Nigel Smart

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill College, Year: 2004

ISBN: 0077099877,9780077099879





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