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Creating your CV as a Self Marketing Tool

    Book Name: Creating your CV as a Self Marketing Tool
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    Creating your CV as a Self-Marketing Tool 

    Creating your CV as a Self Marketing Tool pdf

    Book Description:

    Whether you are just starting your career or are in employment, your job search must have one tool before that journey begins: a professional CV.

    Your CV needs a creative and meaningful profile, clearly identifying your achievements and what you have to offer a potential employer through your skills and abilities.

    This book uses a structured approach to tackling each key stage to bring your CV together by conducting several self-analysis exercises.

    The benefits include increased confidence, self-esteem, and the belief that you will find the job you are looking for.

    Download the book now and increase your opportunities of securing that all-important job.

    Table of contents :

    Cover……Page 1
    Creating your CV as a self-marketing tool……Page 2
    ©……Page 3
    Contents……Page 4
    1 About the Author……Page 5
    2 Introduction……Page 6
    3 Types of CV……Page 9
    4 Structure of the CV in 5 steps……Page 12
    5 Examples of CVs……Page 63
    6 Professional CV completed – what next?…… Page 107


    Creating your CV as a Self Marketing Tool PDF



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