Book Name: Control of Single Wheel Robots
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Book Description:

This monograph presents a novel concept of a mobile robot that is a single-wheel, gyroscopically stabilized robot. The robot is balanced by a spinning wheel attached through a two-link manipulator at the wheel bearing and actuated by a drive motor. This configuration conveys significant advantages, including insensitivity to attitude disturbances, high maneuverability, low rolling resistance, the ability to recover from falls, and amphibious capability for potential applications on both land and water. This book focuses on the dynamics and control aspects, including modeling, model-based control, learning-based control, and shared control with human operators. This novel mobile robot concept opens up the science of dynamically stable systems with a single-wheel configuration. The book also presents considerations in concept, design implementations, kinematics modeling, and experimental results from various algorithms and cases. The system is a nonholonomic, underactuated, and highly nonlinear system. This book is appropriate for scientists and engineers interested in mobile robots, dynamics, and control as a research reference and postgraduate textbook.

Table of contents :

1 Introduction….Pages 1-12
2 Kinematics and Dynamics….Pages 13-32
3 Model-based Control….Pages 33-71
4 Learning-based Control….Pages 73-117
5 Further Topics on Learning-based Control….Pages 119-149
6 Shared Control….Pages 151-173
7 Conclusions….Pages 175-177


Free PDF Download Control of Single Wheel Robots

Author(s): Yangsheng Xu, Yongsheng Ou (auth.)

Series: Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics 20

Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Year: 2005

ISBN: 3-540-28184-3,978-3-540-28184-9


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