Book Name: [PDF] Computer Aided Design and Design Automation by Wai Kai Chen
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Computer-Aided Design and Design Automation by Wai Kai Chen

Computer Aided Design and Design Automation by Wai Kai Chen

Book Description

This volume of The Circuits and Filters Handbook, Third Edition, focuses on computer-aided design and design automation. In the book’s first part, international contributors address topics such as the modeling of circuit performances, symbolic analysis methods, numerical analysis methods, design by optimization, statistical design optimization, and physical design automation. In the second half of the text, they focus on RF CAD, high-performance simulation, formal verification, RTK behavioral synthesis, system-level design, an Internet-based micro-electronic design automation framework, performance modeling, and embedded computing systems design.

Book Features
  • Presents the latest information on electrical circuits and filters
  • Features contributions from more than 50 international experts
  • Includes two brand new sections
  • Focuses on practical applications
  • Includes hundreds of illustrations and references

Computer-aided design and design automation PDF

Author(s): Chen, Wai-Kai

Series: The circuits and filters handbook

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2009

ISBN: 9781420059182

Pages 438

File size 5.8 MB




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