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This book offers means to handle interference as a central problem of operating wireless networks. It investigates centralized and decentralized methods to avoid and handle interference as well as approaches that resolve interference constructively. The latter type of approach tries to solve the joint detection and estimation problem of several data streams that share a common medium. In fact, an exciting insight into the operation of networks is that it may be beneficial, in terms of overall throughput, to actively create and manage interference. Thus, when handled properly, the “mixing” of data in networks becomes a useful tool of operation rather than the nuisance as which it has been treated traditionally. With the development of mobile, robust, ubiquitous, reliable, and instantaneous communication being a driving and enabling factor of an information-centric economy, the understanding, mitigation and exploitation of interference in networks must be seen as a centrally important task.

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages i-xi
Coding Techniques for Transmitting Packets Through Complex Communication Networks….Pages 1-29
Modulo-Type Precoding for Networks….Pages 31-52
Enabling the Multi-User Generalized Degrees of Freedom in Cellular Interference Networks with Multi-User Coding….Pages 53-73
The Information-Theoretic Constant-Gap Optimality of Treating Interference as Noise in Interference Networks….Pages 75-95
Interference-Aware Analog Computation over the Wireless Channel: Fundamentals and Strategies….Pages 97-118
Bounds on the Outage Constrained Capacity of the Gaussian Relay Channel….Pages 119-138
Balancing for Interference-Limited Multi-User Satellite Communications….Pages 139-171
Distributed Channel Selection for Underlay Device-to-Device Communications: A Game-Theoretical Learning Framework….Pages 173-190
Cyclic Interference Alignment Via Polynomial Rings for Multi-user Communication Channels….Pages 191-214
Multicast in Networks of Broadcast Channels—Part I: Submodular Models and Optimization….Pages 215-235
Multicast in Networks of Broadcast Channels—Part II: Representation of Bounds on the Multicast Capacity Region….Pages 237-258
Arbitrarily Varying Channels—A Model for Robust Communication in the Presence of Unknown Interference….Pages 259-283
Resource Allocation and Pricing in Non-cooperative Interference Networks with Malicious Users….Pages 285-325
Interference Alignment Aided by Non-Regenerative Relays….Pages 327-345
Stochastic Geometry for Analysis of Coordination and Cooperation in Interference–Limited Ad Hoc Networks….Pages 347-365
Cooperative Diversity Under Spatial Interference Correlation in Wireless Networks….Pages 367-391
Physical-Layer Key Generation and Reconciliation….Pages 393-430
Physical Layer Cooperation in One-Way Relaying Systems….Pages 431-450
Physical Layer Cooperation in Two-Way Relaying Systems….Pages 451-474
Generalized Multi-Carrier Waveforms in Two-Way Relay Systems….Pages 475-499
Linear Multi-Cell Precoding for Throughput Optimization Considering Outage….Pages 501-519


Communications in Interference Limited Networks PDF

Author(s): Wolfgang Utschick (eds.)

Series: Signals and Communication Technology

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-22439-8,978-3-319-22440-4


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