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Book Title : Combustion
Author(s)  : Irvin Gassman and Richard A. Yetter
Writer   : Elsevier
Version      : Fourth
Pages        : 794
PDF Dimension  : 4.5Mb

Book Description:
Combustion Engineering, a subject typically taught on the higher undergraduate and graduate stage in many of the universities for mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering disciplines, combustion is the examine of fast vitality and mass switch normally by means of the widespread bodily phenomena of flame oxidation. Combustion ebook by the authors Irvin Gassman and Richard A. Yetter covers the physics and chemistry of this course of and the engineering purposes from the technology of energy similar to the interior combustion vehicle engine to the fuel turbine engine. Renewed issues about vitality effectivity and gasoline prices, together with continued issues over poisonous and particulate emissions have stored the curiosity on this important space of engineering excessive and led to new developments in each elementary data of flame and combustion physics in addition to new applied sciences for flame and gasoline management.

Desk of Contents:
CHAPTER 1. Chemical thermodynamics and flame temperature
CHAPTER 2. Chemical Kinetics
CHAPTER 3. Explosive and common oxidation Traits of fuels
CHAPTER 4. Flame phenomenon in premixed flamable gases
CHAPTER 5. Detonation
CHAPTER 6. Diffusion flames
CHAPTER 7. Ignition
CHAPTER 8. Environmental combustion concerns
CHAPTER 9. Combustion of nonvolatile fluids
APPENDIX A. Thermodynamics information and conversion elements
APPENDIX B. Adiabatic flame temperature of hydro carbons
APPENDIX C. Particular response fee constants
APPENDIX D. Bond dissociation vitality of hydrocarbons
APPENDIX E. Flammability restrict in air
APPENDIX F. Laminar flame speeds
APPENDIX G. Spontaneous ignition temperature information
APPENDIX H. Minimal spark ignition energies and quenching distances
APPENDIX I. Applications for combustion kinetics
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