Book Name: Cleaned Out Book by Annie Ernaux
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Cleaned Out Book by Annie Ernaux 

Cleaned Out Book by Annie Ernaux pdf

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“Cleaned Out” (French title: “La Place”) is a memoir by French writer Annie Ernaux, first published in 1984. The book reflects on the relationship between Ernaux and her mother and explores identity, memory, and loss themes.

In the book, Ernaux writes about her mother’s declining health and eventual death and how this event affected her own sense of self and her understanding of the world. She also reflects on the complex and sometimes difficult relationship she had with her mother and how their interactions shaped her identity and worldview.

“Cleaned Out” is considered a classic of French literature and has been widely praised for its emotional depth and insight into the human experience. It has been translated into several languages and is considered an important work in the field of auto-fiction, a genre of writing that combines elements of autobiography and fiction.


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