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Civil Engineering Materials By Peter Claisse

Civil Engineering Materials Book By Peter Claisse PDF

Civil Engineering Material Features:

This book was about all the modern material which make a good construction.

This book refers to the High-quality material.

From this, you can get unlimited information about all materials.

In the field of civil engineering, Some modern materials are used such as Steel, Timber, Asphalt, and Portland Cement Concrete.

All those material in this book is often used in many constructions.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Units

Chapter 2 – Strength of materials

Chapter 3 – Failure of real construction materials

Chapter 4 – Thermal properties

Chapter 5 – Pressure

Chapter 6 – Electrical properties

Chapter 7 – Chemistry of construction materials

Chapter 8 – Properties of fluids in solids

Chapter 9 – Transport of fluids in solids

Chapter 10 – Transport of ions in fluids

Chapter 11 – Ionising radiation

Chapter 12 – Variability and statistics

Chapter 13 – Use of test results

Chapter 14 – Specifications and standards

Chapter 15 – Reporting results

Chapter 16 – Testing construction materials

Chapter 17 – Introduction to cement and concrete

Chapter 18 – Cement and cement replacement materials

Chapter 19 – Aggregates for concrete and mortar

Chapter 20 – Hydration of cement

Chapter 21 – Concrete mix design

Chapter 22 – Testing wet and hardened concrete

Chapter 23 – Creep, shrinkage, and cracking of concrete

Chapter 24 – Admixtures for concrete

Chapter 25 – Durability of concrete structures

Chapter 26 – Production of durable concrete

Chapter 27 – Assessment of concrete structures

Chapter 28 – Mortars and grouts

Chapter 29 – Special concretes

Chapter 30 – Steel

Chapter 31 – Corrosion

Chapter 32 – Alloys and nonferrous metalsChapter 33 – Timber

Chapter 34 – Masonry

Chapter 35 – Plastics

Chapter 36 – Glass

Chapter 37 – Bituminous materials

Chapter 38 – Composites

Chapter 39 – Adhesives and sealants

Chapter 40 – Comparison of different materials

Chapter 41 – New technologies

About the Author:

Peter A. Claisse Editor-in-Chief, MethodsX. Professor Peter Claisse graduated with a degree in Physics from Oxford University and then spent the next 9 years working as a Civil Engineer on major UK construction sites.

Civil Engineering Materials PDF

Author(s): Claisse, Peter A

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann is an imprint of Elsevier, Year: 2015

ISBN: 0081002750,978-0-08-100275-9



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