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Captain Cool: The M.S. Dhoni Story book pdf free download

Captain Cool: The M.S. Dhoni Story By Gulu Ezekiel

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is as calm and unruffled a sportsman on the field as he is self-effacing off it. But ‘brute strength’, ‘murderous form’ and ‘a man pos¬sessed’ were some of the phrases that came to mind when, on 5 April 2005 in Visakhapatnam, he exploded onto international consciousness by becoming the first regular Indian keeper to score a one-day century.

With his striking form on the day, his long locks visible beneath his helmet, red tints glinting in the sunlight, ‘Mahi’ Dhoni had transformed from a boy Hailing from an obscure small town to a sports legend with the aura of a rock star.

And yet, Dhoni was no child prodigy, no overnight success. When he made his international debut at 23, he was already mature by Indian cricket standards–with five grinding years of domestic cricket behind him.

How that legend came to be–and grew from game to game–is told here by not¬ed sportswriter Gulu Ezekiel in his crackling but measured prose.

Captain Cool is the story of M. S. Dhoni, Indian cricket’s poster boy. It is also the heartwarming account of the boy from Ranchi who grew into a worldwide icon and won for India the World T20 in 2007, the world number one Test ranking in 2009, the World Cup in 2011 and the Champions Trophy in 2013. Now in the autumn of his career, Mahi continues to be an inspiration to his teammates and millions of his fans.

Captain Cool: The M.S. Dhoni Story – 4th Revised Edition PDF

Author(s): Gulu Ezekiel

Publisher: Westland, Year: 2018

ISBN: 8193655648,9788193655641

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Captain Cool: The M.S. Dhoni Story PDF


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