Book Name: [PDF] Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology Revision Guide by Mary Jones
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Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology Revision Guide by Mary Jones

Title :           Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology
Editor :          Mary Jones
Edition :         Revision Guide
Publisher :       Hodder Education
Length :          257 pages
Size :            37 MB

Get your greatest grades with this exam-focused textual content that can information you thru the content material and expertise it’s good to put together for the massive day.

Handle your personal revision with step-by-step assist from skilled examiner and creator Mary Jones. This information additionally features a Questions and Solutions part with exam-style questions, scholar’s solutions for every query, and examiner feedback to make sure you’re exam-ready.
– Plan and tempo your revision with the revision planner
– Use the knowledgeable tricks to make clear key factors
– Keep away from making typical errors with knowledgeable recommendation
– Take a look at your self with end-of-topic questions and solutions and tick off every subject as you full it
– Practise your examination expertise with exam-style questions and solutions

This title has not been by the Cambridge Worldwide endorsement course of.

Table of contents :

Book title
Countdown to my exams
1 Cell structure
1.1 The microscope in cell studies
1.2 Cells as the basic units of living organisms
2 Biological molecules
2.1 Testing for biological molecules
2.2 Carbohydrates and lipids
2.3 Proteins
2.4 Water
3 Enzymes
3.1 Enzyme mode of action
3.2 Factors that affect enzyme action
4 Cell membranes and transport
4.1 Fluid mosaic membranes
4.2 Movement of substances into and out of cells
5 The mitotic cell cycle
5.1 Replication and division of nuclei and cells
5.2 Chromosome behaviour in mitosis
6 Nucleic acids and protein synthesis
6.1 Structure of nucleic acids and replication of DNA
6.2 Protein synthesis
7 Transport in plants
7.1 Structure of transport tissues
7.2 Transport mechanisms
8 Transport in mammals
8.1 The circulatory system
8.2 Transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide
8.3 The heart
9 Gas exchange
9.1 The structure of the human gas exchange system
10 Infectious diseases
10.1 Infectious diseases
10.2 Antibiotics
11 Immunity
11.1 The immune system
11.2 Antibodies and vaccination
AS Level experimental skills and investigations
How to do well in the practical exam
Graphs and other ways of displaying data
AS Level experimental skills and investigations
12 Energy and respiration
12.1 Energy
12.2 Respiration
13 Photosynthesis
13.1 An overview of photosynthesis
13.2 Limiting factors in photosynthesis
14 Homeostasis
14.1 Homeostasis in mammals
14.2 Homeostasis in plants
15 Control and coordination
15.1 Control and coordination in animals
15.2 Control and coordination in plants
16 Inheritance
16.1 Passage of information from parents to offspring
16.2 The roles of genes in determining phenotype
16.3 Control of gene expression
17 Selection and evolution
17.1 Variation
17.2 Natural and artificial selection
17.3 Evolution
18 Classification, biodiversity and conservation
18.1 Classification
18.2 Biodiversity
18.3 Conservation
19 Genetic technology
19.1 Principles of genetic technology
19.2 Genetic technology applied to medicine
19.3 Genetically modified organisms in agriculture
A Level experimental skills and investigations
How to make the most of your practical skills
A Level exam-style questions and answers

Cambridge International AS/a Level Biology Study and Revision Guide PDF

Author(s): Mary Jones

Publisher: Hodder Education Group, Year: 2021

ISBN: 9781398345102








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