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Building Reactive Microservices in Java

    Book Name: Building Reactive Microservices in Java
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    Building Reactive Microservices in Java 

    Building Reactive Microservices in Java pdf

    About the book

    Microservices that are spread out? Want to get rid of your single-purpose business applications or not make them anymore? Responsive design can be helpful. Clement Escoffier, a writer, and Red Hatter explain why Eclipse Vert. x is a good choice for making microservices systems work well.

    This book is for developers and architects who want to build microservices and distributed applications. It doesn’t explain the basics of distributed systems. Instead, it focuses on how to make efficient microservice systems with the help of reactive benefits.

    Find out how in this O’Reilly book:

    Find out what reactive microservices work and how Vert. x does it.
    Build and use just one microservice to see how messaging makes it more responsive.
    Make a whole microservices system and deal with failures using stability and resilience patterns.
    Use the OpenShift container platform to set up and manage microservices in a virtual or cloud environment.


    Building Reactive Microservices in Java PDF

    Author(s): Clement Escoffier.

    Publisher: O’Reilly, Year: 2017




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