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BODY TALK: The Body Language Skills to Decode the Opposite Sex, Detect Lies, and Read Anyone Like a Book pdf free downloadBODY TALK By Patrick King

Learning to listen to BODY TALK is an essential skill that you need right now!

Studies have shown time and time again that the majority of communication we send out to other people, whether intentionally or not, is non-verbal and doesn’t depend on the words we speak. If you’re not up to par in how to interpret everyday body language signals, that means you’re missing a majority of the communications that come your way.

BODY TALK is a journey into exactly how you can read anyone based on almost any movement of any part of their body. And who better than a dating and social skills coach to teach you, someone whose very livelihood depends on navigating constant ambiguous yellow lights! I’ve made it my business to study human interaction, and have broken down specific body parts as well as signs of attraction and lying… let’s face it, sometimes those two are the same!

Decode The Hidden Secrets Of Body Language – Understand Exactly What Each Person is Saying, Feeling & Conveying With Their Body!

Have you ever wanted to understand what exactly someone is hiding or spot when they’re lying just like a professional CIA agent?

Do you feel like you don’t understand someone just to figure out days later what they actually wanted to say?

Have you been in a situation where you speak with someone and even though it all seems well you feel there’s something a bit off about them?

Well, let me tell you…

Probably you weren’t wrong, you just had no idea what exactly to look for.

If you want to stop all these in your life, and start analyzing and speed reading people just by looking at their body language and nonverbal cues, then keep reading…

Imagine this, you go to a party, business meeting, or you just met someone new. In less than 3 seconds you already know more about them than anyone around. You know if they’re stressed, overwhelmed, or happy. You even know how they feel about you and every other person around.

More than that… Because nonverbal communication is 93% of what we convey, you’re fully aware of how your nonverbal cues affect people. You understand your own body. You know how to make yourself likable. You feel limitless with your personal and social skills.

This could be your new REALITY!

Harvey Augustus has achieved mastery in the field of nonverbal communication with his decades of experience in body language. He combines the latest scientifically proven researches and decades of field-tested methodologies in his new masterpiece work.

How to Read Body Language, the only book you’ll ever need to understand what everyone’s body is saying.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside How To Read Body Language:

What body language actually is and how it influences the subconscious mind

The latest scientifically proven researches on body language that will open your eyes

Bulletproof method that experts use to detect if someone is lying or telling the truth

Street-smart knowledge that accurately tells a person’s feelings without words

An effective way that will establish your leadership, dominance and influence instantly

How to make someone trust you in just 5 seconds using only your body

A quick and simple exercise you can do anywhere to boost your positivity in under a minute

And much, much more…

** FAST ACTION FREE Bonus: Get a simple and powerful resource that will help you easily understand, quickly recall and immediately practice all your new knowledge and skills! **

If you’re ready to finally improve your people skills and become the person that everyone feels like they’ve known for years and want to talk to even if they’ve just met you, now is the time.

So, what are you waiting for?

How to Read Body Language: Secrets to Analyzing & Speed Reading People Like a Book – How to Understand & Talk to Any Person (Nonverbal Communication Training Mastery to Improve Your Social Skills) PDF

Author(s): Augustus, Harvey

Year: 2020

ISBN: 9798691101694


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