Book Name: Basic Mechanical Engineering MCQ Part 1
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Basic Mechanical Engineering MCQ Part 1


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Questions of Basic Mechanical Engineering MCQ Part 1

  1. A flat floor could be produced by a lathe machine, if the slicing device strikes …..
  2. What’s the perform of cone pulley drive in lathe machines?
  3. Which of the next is a mechanism for mechanized actions of the carriage alongside longitudinal axis?
  4. The perform of taper turning course of is to …..
  5. The method of bevelling sharp ends of a workpiece is known as as …..
  6. 6) In an remoted system, ….. could be transferred between the system and its surrounding.
  7. Which of the next is an in depth property?
  8. How is absolute strain measured?
  9. The intensive properties of a system, …..
  10. 10) An isobaric course of, has fixed …..
  11. Which of the next vitality conversion units convert warmth into work?
  12. Lancashire boilers are …..
  13. Smoke tube boilers have massive water to steam ratio, therefore
  14. Which of the next statements are false for response generators?
  15. In 4 stroke cycle engine, cycle is accomplished in …..
  16. Which sort of bearings are often called anti friction bearings?
  17. In curler bearings which sort of rolling components are used
  18. Why is the load carrying capability low in ball bearings?
  19. Cylindrical curler bearings have higher …..
  20. Which of the next statements is/are true?
  21. Decide torque transmitted on the pinion shaft if torque transmitted on gear shaft is 20 Nm. Take into account Gear ratio = 4
  22. Which of the next statements is/are true for gear drives?
  23. Wherein energy transmitting drive polygon impact is noticed?
  24. What is supposed by gear ratio?
  25. Which gears are used to attach two intersecting shaft axes?
  26. In stress-strain diagram, as much as proportional restrict …..
  27. Deformation per unit size is known as as …..
  28. Which of the next supplies do not need a nicely outlined yield level?
  29. Issue of security is the ratio of …..
  30. The elongation of a bar is 0.5 mm, when a tensile stress of 200 N/mm2 acts on it. Decide unique size of a bar if modulus of elasticity is 150 x (10)3

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