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Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency pdf

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The Trump campaign and the Kremlin did not work together to help Trump win the 2016 election. It was between the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the government of Barack Obama.

The media and Democrats’ “collusion story,” which says that Donald Trump is Russia’s “cat’s paw,” is a carefully made lie.

Even though Clinton was way ahead in the polls, intelligence officials with political solid views decided they needed a “insurance policy” against a Trump presidency. So, the story of collusion was born. It was based on a “dossier” with anonymous sources that was put together by a former British spy and secretly paid for by the Clinton campaign. The dossier was used to build a counterintelligence investigation against Trump’s campaign, even though the FBI’s top people knew it was “false and unproven.”

Trump won anyway, which seems impossible. But his political opponents disagreed with what the voters said. Political operatives, intelligence agents, Justice Department officials, and media ideologues—the “Trump Resistance” leaders—promoted their story about collusion nonstop. The public was led to believe that Trump and Russia worked together to steal the election through secret surveillance, high-level intelligence leaks, and constant news coverage.

President Trump didn’t like being attacked, so he didn’t just sit there and take it. Instead, he fought back in his usual way. Things came to a head when he fired his FBI director, who had given explosive testimony in the House suggesting that the president was a criminal suspect, even though he had told Trump privately that this wasn’t true. The resulting storm of partisan protests scared the Justice Department into appointing a special counsel, whose investigation seemed to go on and on for two years, causing a lot of trouble for the administration.

But as the months passed, no proof of collusion came to light. Was the story about collusion an elaborate lie? If so, who put together the dance? Despite what the media and Democrats said, a group of brave lawmakers forced the spotlight to move from Trump to his investigators and accusers. This has shown just how much American law enforcement and intelligence agencies are influenced by politics. Now, it’s clear that the institutions on which our country depends for fair and honest policing and analysis got involved in a scandalous way in the divisive 2016 election.

They were not able to make a new government under Clinton. Will they be able to bring President Trump down?


Table of contents :

Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter One: The Collusion Fable
Chapter Two: What Investigation … and What Started It?
Chapter Three: An Old Story: Beltway Consultants as Agents of the Kremlin
Chapter Four: Intel … the Obama Way
Chapter Five: ‘An Institutional Lack of Candor’
Chapter Six: Collusion: Foreign Governments, the Obama Administration, and the Clinton Campaign
Chapter Seven: A Maltese Professor, an Australian Diplomat, and a Sap … in London
Chapter Eight: The Brennan Clearinghouse
Chapter Nine: Narrative as ‘Intelligence’ as Disinformation:The Steele Dossier
Chapter Ten: There’s No Collusion Case … Ask Julian Assange
Chapter Eleven: Crossfire Hurricane
Chapter Twelve: I Spy
Chapter Thirteen: Amateur Hour
Chapter Fourteen: Insurance Policy
Chapter Fifteen: FISA Warrants: Targeting Trump, Not Page
Chapter Sixteen: ‘Flood Is Coming’
Chapter Seventeen: Not a Suspect?
Chapter Eighteen: Nine Days in May


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Author(s): Andrew C. McCarthy

Year: 2019

ISBN: 2019024876


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