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AutoCAD Civil 3D Country Kit Workbook


The doc is an summary of all settings that AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Country Kit Czech republic comprises. The doc comprises abbreviations point out under:

• AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 – Civil 3D

• AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Country Kit Czech republic – CKCZ

• CCODE – Coutry Code (CSY, ENU)

Creating new drawing file with pre-designed templates is advisable. CKCZ comprises three of them:

– AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 CZ, which incorporates most of kinds and settings described on this workbook: It’s devoted for regular design duties.

– AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 koleje CZ. This template include all kinds and labels like template AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 CZ. Added was kinds and labels for rail design, and default kinds was modified. Under are descripted added kinds solely.

– AutoCAD Civil 3D CSN 013411_Geodezie is usually recommended for giant scale map creation by customary ČSN 013411. It comprises loads of level model, linetypes and Description key set.


CKCZ additionally comprises:

– View body creation templates:

– CZ_Civil 3D Situace.dwt – solely structure

o CZ_Civil 3D Profil.dwt –solely profile

o CZ_Civil 3D Situace a Profil.dwt – structure for structure and profile

o CZ Civil 3D Řezy.dwt – cross part layouts A1-A3, prolonged A3

– Design standards file CZ_Klopeni_rozsireni_AutoCAD_Civil_3D.xml, which is usually used for checking alignment parameters and superelevation calculations and widening in curves. Calculation.

– Roundabout design standards file CZ_Okruzni_Krizovatky_AutoCAD_Civil_3D.xml.

– Railway DESIGN STANDARD FILE _CZ_vypocet_prevyseni.xml

– Quantity experiences

– Extra experiences


– QTO Objects – Set of assemblies for intersection design

– Set of visitors indicators for roundabouts.

– Catalogue of constructions and piping – earlier than its use, please insert command „Partcatalogregen“

– Catalogue of strain pipes, becoming and appurtenances – PressurePipesIDMCatalog_Metric_CSY.

Descripted kinds and different performance you discover in Toolspace. Toolspace is the Major Civil 3D property window. This window is used for dealing with Civil 3D objects and settings of all Civil 3D kinds for Civil 3D objects and labels. The Toolspace has following tabs:

• Prospector. Use this tab for dealing with properties and kinds for Civil 3D objects and labels.

• Settings. Use this tab for normal settings of Civil 3D kinds.

• Survey. Do use this tab for “Determine prefix database” and “Gear databases”


• Toolbox. Comprise hyperlinks for report calls.


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