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Language English
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AUTOCAD 2022 3D MODELING by Munir M. Hamad pdf

AutoCAD 2022 3D Modeling Contents

  • Chapter 1 AutoCAD 3D Basics
  • Chapter 2 Creating Solids 
  • Chapter 3 Creating Meshes 
  • Chapter 4 Creating Surfaces
  • Chapter 5 Creating Complex Solids and Surfaces
  • Chapter 6 Solid Editing Commands 
  • Chapter 7 3D Modifying Commands 
  • Chapter 8 Converting and Sectioning 
  • Chapter 9 Printing
  • Chapter 10 Cameras and Lights 
  • Chapter 11 Material, Rendering, Visual Style, and Animation 

Preface to AutoCAD 2022 3D Modeling PDF

Since its inception, AutoCAD has enjoyed a very wide range of user base, making it the most popular CAD software in the world since the 1980s. AutoCAD’s widespread use is due to its logic and simplicity, which makes it very easy to learn.

It evolved through the years to become a comprehensive software application that addresses all engineering drafting and designing aspects.

This book explores the 3D environment of AutoCAD, teaching the reader how to create and edit 3D objects and produce impressive images. This book is ideal for advanced AutoCAD users as well as college students who have already covered the basics of AutoCAD 2021.

This book is not a replacement of AutoCAD manuals but is considered to be a complementary source that includes hundreds of hands-on practices to strengthen the knowledge learned and to solidify the techniques discussed.

At the end of each chapter, the reader will find “Chapter Review Questions” that are the same type of questions you may see in the Autodesk certification exam; so the reader is invited to solve them all. Correct answers are at the end of each chapter.

This book contains six projects from different types of engineering. Solving them will allow the reader to master the knowledge learned. These projects are presented in metric and imperial units.

About AutoCAD 2022 3D Modeling eBook

This book discusses the 3D environment and commands in AutoCAD 2021. Many AutoCAD users do not know the real capabilities of AutoCAD in 3D, leading them to use other software, such as 3ds MAX® or Maya®, to build their 3D models, create lights, load materials, and assign materials, and then create still rendered images and animation.

This book aims to clear up this misleading idea about AutoCAD and to introduce the real power of AutoCAD in 3D.

At the completion of this book, the reader will be able to:

  • Understand the AutoCAD 3D environment
  • Create 3D objects using solids
  • Create 3D objects using meshes
  • Create 3D objects using surfaces
  • Create complex solids and surfaces
  • Edit solids and use other general 3D modifying commands
  • Convert 3D objects from one type to another
  • Create 2D/3D sections from 3D solids
  • Use model documentation
  • Create 3D DWF files
  • Create cameras and lights
  • Assign material and create rendered images
  • Use and create visual styles
  • Create animation files

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Author(s): MUNIR HAMAD

Publisher: MERCURY LEARNING & INFORM, Year: 2021

ISBN: 9781683927273,1683927273

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