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Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His Followers pdf free

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How did the United States end up with a leader who is so rude and unjust and goes against our democratic values? Why do his followers follow him even when he does things that hurt them?

John Dean, who has a history of standing up to dictatorial presidents, teamed up with Bob Altemeyer, a psychology professor with a unique area of expertise: authoritarianism, to figure out what was happening.

Using social science research and psychological diagnostic tools like the “Power Mad Scale” and the “Con Man Scale,” as well as research and analysis from the Monmouth University Polling Institute, one of America’s most respected public opinion research foundations, the authors give us an eye-opening look at the Trump phenomenon and how we might be able to stop it.

Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His Followers Epub 

Author(s): John W. Dean; Bob Altemeyer

Publisher: Melville House, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9781612199061




American Nightmare: Donald Trump, Media Spectacle, and Authoritarian Populism PDF

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages i-vii
Introduction….Pages 1-1
Donald Trump and the Politics of the Spectacle….Pages 3-6
The Apprentice, Twitter, and the Summer of Trump….Pages 7-12
Trump, Capitalism, and the Art of Branding….Pages 13-18
Donald Trump and Authoritarian Populism….Pages 19-28
Donald Trump as Authoritarian Populist….Pages 29-39
The Resurrection of Richard Nixon and American Neo-Fascism….Pages 41-43
The Republican National Convention and the Faces of Authoritarian Populism….Pages 45-57
The Dog Days of Summer….Pages 59-61
August Antics and Trumpster Chaos….Pages 63-73
From Labor Day Week to November 6:….Pages 75-80
Hillary’s Stumble, Transparency, and Health/Taxes….Pages 81-93
Provisional Conclusion….Pages 95-95
Back Matter….Pages 97-109

Download American Nightmare: Donald Trump, Media Spectacle, and Authoritarian Populism PDF 

Author(s): Douglas Kellner (auth.)

Series: Transgressions: Cultural Studies and Education 117

Publisher: SensePublishers, Year: 2016

ISBN: 978-94-6300-788-7



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