Book Name: [PDF] Applied NMR Spectroscopy for Chemists and Life Scientists by Oliver Zerbe and Simon Jurt
Category: Analytical Chemistry
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Applied NMR Spectroscopy for Chemists and Life Scientists by Oliver Zerbe and Simon Jurt : NMR spectroscopy has developed very successfully from its early beginnings in the 1940s, at which time it was mainly subject to research in the labs of a few physicists, to its present frequent use by a broad community.Widespread use of NMR started in the 1960s when instruments moved into the laboratories of chemists to support analytics of synthesized products. The progress of modern chemistry only became possible with the advent of powerful analytical instrumental methods, with NMR spectroscopy playing a very pivotal role amongst them. To understand the importance of NMR, we only need to look back on natural product synthesis prior to the advent of NMR, where all intermediates had to be compared to known compounds through chemical transformations. Today, NMR is not only used by chemists, but also by researchers working in material science, structural biologists, the pharmaceutical industry, in product quality control as well as in many more fields of application. Considering the importance of NMR in many branches of chemistry basic NMR knowledge is traditionally taught in the chemistry curriculum, and this is often done in combination with other spectroscopic techniques such as IR, UV, or MS. The content of these courses primarily aims at providing the student with practical skills of how to elucidate the structure of small (usually organic) molecules from simple spectra, mostly 1D and simple 2D spectra. Accordingly, the necessary empirical knowledge for example typical chemical shifts for important compound classes are taught, whereas the physicochemical background on the nature of the chemical shifts is less frequently explained. A reader interested in these topics is faced with a plethora of very good NMR books. However, these books generally aim at a readership with more advanced knowledge in physical chemistry and quantum mechanics, and as a result the reader may have difficulty understanding the presented topics.

Applied NMR Spectroscopy for Chemists and Life Scientists by Oliver Zerbe and Simon Jurt

Title: Applied NMR Spectroscopy for Chemists and Life Scientists
Editor: Oliver Zerbe
Simon Jurt
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Wiley – VCH
Length: 549 pages
Size: 25.8 MB
Language: English

Applied NMR spectroscopy for chemists and life scientists

Author(s): Jurt, Simon; Zerbe, Oliver

Publisher: Wiley-VCH, Year: 2014

ISBN: 9783527677832


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