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Applied Economics Thomas Sowell

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Applied Economics

Thinking Beyond Stage One By Thomas Sowell

Book Description:

This revised edition of Applied Economics is about fifty percent larger than the first edition. It now includes a chapter on the economics of immigration and new sections of other chapters on such topics as the “creative” financing of home-buying that led to the current “subprime” mortgage crisis, the economics of organ transplants, and the political and economic incentives that lead to money earmarked for highways being diverted to mass transit and to a general neglect of infrastructure. On these and other topics, its examples are drawn from around the world. Much material in the first edition has been updated and supplemented. The revised and enlarged edition of Applied Economics retains the easy readability of the first edition, even for people with no prior knowledge of economics.

Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One PDF

Author(s): Thomas Sowell

Publisher: Basic Books, Year: 2008

ISBN: 9780465003457







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