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Applied Data Science

Notes for the Applied Data Science course at Columbia University. He focuses more on the stat limit, while also teaching readers some basic programming skills.

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The explosion of available data coinciding with the continuous evolution of statistical and computational methods has led to a new generation of specialists. These data scientists use rigorous statistical methods to find meaning in the data. Minimizing a loss function is not enough: business and social decisions depend on the interpretation of this knowledge. The world of scientific computing is rapidly changing. Fast and dirty scripts aren’t enough – a maintainable code base and collaborative development environment allow projects to go into production and scale. A data scientist has to wear a lot of hats, here we present two of them.

Maintainable coding techniques using test-based development, version control and collaboration will be taught. The code will be of the type found in the scikit-learn and statsmodels packages. Students leave the classroom after building a library on GitHub and understanding several basic statistical / machine learning algorithms.

The case studies offer students the opportunity to use their software on real-world datasets. Here they develop the intuition to extract meaning from the data.

Students finish the class with a website/blog/portfolio, and experience with the translation:

Real world –> data –> scientist –> collaborators/coworkers –> policy-decision/data-product


Author Details

Ian Langmore is a software engineer at Google, an applied mathematician who works as a data scientist. His specialties are Monte Carlo simulation, machine learning, statistics, partial differential equations, scientific calculus.

Daniel Krasner is the founder and CEO of Merriam Tech, a company whose products combine archival research techniques, a focus on meaning and context, with statistical processing of language to bring insightful and intuitive interaction to vast collections of electronic text. . Previously, he was a mathematician (PhD from Columbia University) and worked on the intersection of low-dimensional topology, representation theory, and homological algebra.


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