Book Name: Apache Maven 3 Cookbook
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Apache Maven 3 Cookbook 

Apache Maven 3 Cookbook

Book Description:

This well-detailed Cookbook takes you to step by step, doing one task at a time with the latest version of Apache Maven 3. You will find this Cookbook an answer to almost all your needs for building high-quality Java applications with well-explained code and many illustrations to quicken up your learning. If you’re a Java developer, it will arm you with all the critical information you need to get to grips with Maven 3, the latest version of the robust build tool by Apache. This book is for Java developers, teams, and managers who want to implement Apache Maven in their development process, leveraging the software engineering best practices and agile team collaboration techniques. The book is also specifically for the developer who wishes to get started in Apache Maven and use it with a range of emergent and enterprise technologies, including Enterprise Java, Frameworks, Google App Engine, Android, and Scala.


Apache Maven 3 Cookbook PDF

Author(s): Srirangan

Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2011

ISBN: 9781849512442


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