Book Name: AngularJS Succinctly
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AngularJS Succinctly 

AngularJS Succinctly pdf

Book Description

Learn how to design and create reusable components in your single-page web application using Angular.js.

Author Frederik Dietz uses Angular.js succinctly to outline everyday tasks and challenges for developers using Angular.js. With his help, novices and experts alike will find a reference that clearly outlines various challenges, their solutions, and technical explanations for how the challenges are overcome. Whether you are a novice looking to understand Angular.js or an expert seeking a reference guide, AngularJS Succinctly is indispensable!

Table of contents :

An Introduction to Angular.js
Consuming Externals Services
URLs, Routing, and Partials
Using Forms
Common User Interface Patterns
Backend Integration with Ruby on Rails
Backend Integration with Node Express

AngularJS Succinctly PDF

Author(s): Frederik Dietz

Publisher: Syncfusion, Year: 2013



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