Book Name: Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android Developers
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Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android Developers

Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android Developers PDF

Description of the book

Jump in and build working Android apps with the help of more than 230 tested recipes. The second edition of this acclaimed cookbook includes recipes for working with user interfaces, multitouch gestures, location awareness, web services, and specific device features such as the phone, camera, and accelerometer. You also get useful info on packaging your app for the Google Play Market.

Ideal for developers familiar with Java, Android basics, and the Java SE API, this book features recipes contributed by more than three dozen Android developers. Each recipe provides a clear solution and sample code you can use in your project right away. Among numerous topics, this cookbook helps you:

• Get started with the tooling you need for developing and testing Android apps
• Create layouts with Android’s UI controls, graphical services, and pop-up mechanisms
• Build location-aware services on Google Maps and OpenStreetMap
• Control aspects of Android’s music, video, and other multimedia capabilities
• Work with accelerometers and other Android sensors
• Use various gaming and animation frameworks
• Store and retrieve persistent data in files and embedded databases
• Access RESTful web services with JSON and other formats
• Test and troubleshoot individual components and your entire application

About Author

Ian F. Darwin has worked in the computer industry for three decades. He wrote the freeware file (1) command used in Linux and BSD and is the author of Checking C Programs with Lint, Java Cookbook and over seventy articles and courses on C and Unix. In addition to programming and consulting, Ian teaches Unix, C and Java for Learning Tree International, one of the largest technical training companies in the world.


Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android Developers PDF

Author(s): Ian F. Darwin

Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Year: 2017

ISBN: 1449374433, 978-1449374433



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