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Analysis and Design of Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems

    Book Name: Analysis and Design of Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems
    Category: Algorithms
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    Analysis and Design of Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems

     Analysis and Design of Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems PDF

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    Combinatorial problems have been part of the history of mathematics from the very beginning. In the 1960s the main classes of combinatorial problems had been defined. A large number of graph theory research contributions were produced during that decade, which laid the foundation for most of the graph optimization research in the following years. During the 1970s, a large number of special purpose models were developed. The impressive growth of this field has since been strongly driven by application demand and influenced by the technological increase in computing power and the availability of data and software. The availability of such basic tools has led to the feasibility of the exact or approximate solution of realistic combinatorial optimization problems on a large scale and has created a series of new combinatorial problems.


    Analysis and Design of Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems

    Author(s): G. Ausiello and M. Lucertini (Eds.)

    Series: North-Holland Mathematics Studies 109 / Annals of Discrete Mathematics 25

    Publisher: Elsevier Science Ltd, Year: 1985

    ISBN: 9780444876997,0444876995


    Table of contents :

    General Editor
    Page ii

    Edited by
    Page iii

    Copyright page
    Page iv

    Pages v-vii
    Giorgio Ausiello, Mario Lucertini

    Strongly Equivalent Directed Hypergraphs Original Research Article
    Pages 1-25
    G. Ausiello, A. D’atri, D. Sacca’

    A Local-Ratio Theorem for Approximating the Weighted Vertex Cover Problem Original Research Article
    Pages 27-45
    R. Bar-Yehuda, S. Even

    Dynamic Programming Parallel Procedures for SIMD Architectures Original Research Article
    Pages 47-63
    Paola Bertolazzi

    Simulations Among Classes of Random Access Machines and Equivalence Among Numbers Succinctly Represented Original Research Article
    Pages 65-89
    A. Bertoni, G. Mauri, N. Sabadini

    A Realistic Approach to VLSI Relational Database Processing Original Research Article
    Pages 91-108
    M.A. Bonuccelli, E. Lodi, F. Luccio, P. Maestrini, L. Pagli

    On Counting Becs Original Research Article
    Pages 109-124
    R. Casas, J. Díaz, M. Vergés

    Rigid Extensions of Graph Maps Original Research Article
    Pages 125-143
    I.S. Filotti

    Algebraic Methods for Trie Statistics Original Research Article
    Pages 145-188
    Philippe Flajolet, Mireille Regnier, Dominique Sotteau

    Easy Solutions for the K–Center Problem or the Dominating Set Problem on Random Graphs Original Research Article
    Pages 189-209
    Dorit S. Hochbaum

    Network Design with Multiple Demand: A New Approach Original Research Article
    Pages 211-237
    M. Lucertini, G. Paletta

    How to Find Long Paths Efficiently Original Research Article
    Pages 239-254
    B. Monien

    Compact Channel Routing of Multiterminal Nets Original Research Article
    Pages 255-279
    M. Sarrafzadeh, F.P. Preparata

    Consistency of Quadratic Boolean Equations and the König-Egerváry Property for Graphs Original Research Article
    Pages 281-290
    Bruno Simeone

    On Some Relationships Between Combinatorics and Probabilistic Analysis Original Research Article
    Pages 291-309
    M. Talamo, A. Marchetti–Spaccamela, M. Protasi

    A Threshold for Multiple Edge Coverings in Random Hypergraphs Original Research Article
    Pages 311-319
    C. Vercellis



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