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There is a saying that individuals do not quit companies but rather managers. Management is essential to any organization, yet the discipline is frequently unstructured and self-taught. It can be the difference between team satisfaction and dissatisfaction and, ultimately, the success or failure of a business if teams successfully resolve complex management problems.

An Elegant Puzzle by Will Larson focuses on the unique challenges of engineering management, such as team allocation, technical debt, and succession planning. It provides a path to the best solutions. Using his experience at Digg, Uber, and Stripe, Will Larson has devised a well-considered approach to engineering management that can be applied by leaders at all levels and sizes of businesses. An Elegant Puzzle balances structured principles and human-centered thinking to assist any leader in developing more effective and rewarding engineering organizations.

Table of contents :

Organizations: Sizing teams
Staying on the path to high-performing teams
A case against top-down global optimization
Productivity in the age of hypergrowth
Where to stash your organizational risk?
Succession planning
Tools: Introduction to systems thinking
Product management: exploration, selection, validation
Visions and strategy
Metrics and baselines
Guiding broad organizational change with metrics
Migrations: the sole scalable fix to tech debt
Running an engineering reorg
Identify your controls
Career narratives
The briefest of media trainings
Model, document, and share
Scaling consistency: designing centralized decision-making groups
Presenting to senior leadership
Time management
Communities of learning


Download An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management Epub 

Author(s): Will Larson

Publisher: Stripe Press, Year: 2019

ISBN: 1732265186,9781732265189


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