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Aircraft Electrical and Electronic Systems

Introducing the principles of aircraft electrical and electronic systems, this book is written for anyone pursuing a career in aircraft maintenance engineering or a related aerospace engineering discipline, and in particular will be suitable for those studying for licensed aircraft maintenance engineer status. It systematically addresses the relevant sections of modules 11 and 13 of part-66 of the EASA syllabus, and is ideal for anyone studying as part of an EASA and FAR-147 approved course in aerospace engineering.

  • Delivers the essential principles and knowledge base required by Airframe and Propulsion (A&P) Mechanics for Modules 11 and 13 of the EASA Part-66 syllabus and BTEC National awards in aerospace engineering
  • Supports Mechanics, Technicians and Engineers studying for a Part-66 qualification
  • Comprehensive and accessible, with self-test questions, exercises and multiple choice questions to enhance learning for both independent and tutor-assisted study

Aircraft Electrical and Electronic Systems continues the series of textbooks written for aircraft engineering students. This book addresses the electrical contents of the EASA Part 66 Modules 11 and 13 it also provides reference material for the avionic and aircraft electrical units of various BTEC National and Higher National, City and Guilds, NVQ and Foundation Degree modules.

This book is designed to cover the essential knowledge base required by certifying mechanics, technicians and engineers engaged in engineering maintenance activities on commercial aircraft and in general aviation. In addition, this book should appeal to members of the armed forces and others attending training and educational establishments engaged in aircraft maintenance and related aeronautical engineering programmes. This book will also appeal to others within the aircraft industry who need an insight into electrical and electronic systems, e.g. pilots, engineering managers, etc.

The book provides an introduction to the fundamentals of electrical, electronic and digital theory that underpins the principles of systems covered in the remainder of the book.

Book Contents:

Chapter 1: Electrical fundamentals.
Chapter 2: Electronic fundamentals.
Chapter 3: Digital Fundamentals.
Chapter 4: Generators and Motors.
Chapter 5: Batteries.
Chapter 6: Power supplies.
Chapter 7: Wiring and circuit protection.
Chapter 8: Distribution of power supplies.
Chapter 9: Controls and transducers.
Chapter 10: Engine systems.
Chapter 11: Fuel management.
Chapter 12: Lights.
Chapter 13: Cabin systems.
Chapter 14: Airframe control and indicating systems.
Chapter 15: Warning and protection systems.
Chapter 16: Fire and overheat protection.
Chapter 17: Terrain awareness warning systems (TAWS).
Chapter 18: Flight data and cockpit voice recorders.
Chapter 19: Electrical and magnetic fields.
Chapter 20: Continuing airworthiness.

Aircraft electrical and electronic systems PDF

Author(s): David Wyatt, Michael H. Tooley

Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2018

ISBN: 9780429996245






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