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Age of Darkness Rulebook pdf


This 336-page hardcover book is a treasure trove of knowledge, illustrations, and information about the distant future of Warhammer: Heresy of Horus, along with comprehensive guides to help you build and paint your model collection. It also has basic rules so you can use your own armies to fight the cruel battles of the Age of Darkness. It also explains the different game modes that will interest any hobbyist.

Age of Darkness

The book’s first part is a full look at the galaxy where the Horus Heresy wars take place, from its dark past to its brightest point, as well as the technologies, groups, armies, and ideas that rule it.
The Age of the Emperor: An Overview of the Fall of Humanity and the Rise of the Empire You’ll learn about the Age of Struggle from which the Emperor emerged, the Great Crusade he launched to unite the galaxy under his banner, and some of the most important groups he founded or allied with to support this epic endeavor.
The Empire of Humanity: A Closer Look at the Structure of the Empire at the Advent of the Horus Heresy. You will learn about some of the key events, people, and groups that dominated the destiny of humanity. This section also discusses how important warp, psykers, and Imperial Truth are. Imperial Truth is the strict, rationalist philosophy that the Emperor made his conquered people follow.
Legiones Astartes: The Space Marines are much more than a simple army. They are genetically modified, equipped with the finest weaponry, and subjected to psychoindoctrination in a rigorous and brutal process that creates the perfect weapon of war. This comprehensive, in-depth section explains what goes into creating a Space Marine, illustrates the different weapons and armor used by the Legions, and includes a detailed discussion of each of the 18 Space Marine Legions, including information on their distinctive history, tactics, organization, and the powerful Primarchs who command them, as well as a visual guide to their heraldry and color schemes.
Additional factions: Although this is primarily a war between the Legiones Astartes, there are many other armies involved in the Heresy of Horus, including the Emperor’s Talons, Solar Auxilia, and Mechanicum. This section explains these groups’ role in the Empire’s rise and fall, including their history, preferred tactics, and military structures.
The Age of Darkness: At the dawn of the 31st millennium, the Emperor’s favorite son plunged the galaxy into darkness. This section delves into the initial acts of the Horus heresy, setting the stage for the most devastating war in human history. It includes a synopsis of the brutal events of the massacre at the Isstvan drop site, the progress of the Traitors’ war machine, and the emergence of the cosmic Storm of Ruins, from which the daemonic entities spill over into reality.
Horus Heresy key events: a detailed timeline of the major conflicts and clashes within the Horus Heresy itself, leading up to the final siege of Terra This section offers important insights into where the Legions are, who they are fighting, and the terrible traumas that arise at various stages of the war.


Age of Darkness Rulebook PDF

Series: Horus Heresy 2.0

Publisher: Forge World, Year: 2022

ISBN: 9781839065316


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