Book Name: [PDF] Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume 57 by Alan R. Katritzky
Category: Organic Chemistry
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Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume 57 by Alan R. Katritzky

Title: Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Vol. 57
Editor: Alan R. Katritzky
Volume: 57th
Publisher: Elsevier Publications
Length: 423 pages
Size: 15.4 MB
Language: English

Book Description:

This volume in the series summarizes the varied methods of the synthesis of heterocycles from azadienes with sections covering 1-azadienes, 2-azadienes, and 1,3-diazadienes. It covers the piperazine-2,5-diones and related lactim ethers – comprehensive review of these highly important intermediates for the preparation of a wide variety of natural products. The book explains how 1,2,4-Triazolo [1,5-a] pyrimidines are of particular importance in photography with other significant application in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. It also reviews tetramic acids, an importantgroup of natural products showing signifcant biological activity, as well as some chemistry.

Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Vol. 57

Author(s): Alan R. Katritzky (Ed.)

Publisher: Academic Press, Year: 1993

ISBN: 978-0-12-020757-2

[PDF] Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume 57 by Alan R. Katritzky Table Of Contents

Editorial Advisory Board
Page ii

Edited by
Page iii

Copyright page
Page iv

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Page ix
A.R. Katritzky

Synthesis of Heterocycles from Azadienes Original Research Article
Pages 1-80
Jose Barluenga, Miguel Tomas

1,2,4-Triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines Original Research Article
Pages 81-138
Gunther Fischer

Advances in Tetramic Acid Chemistry Original Research Article
Pages 139-185
Hans-Georg Henning, Anke Gelbin

Piperazine-2,5-diones and Related Lactim Ethers Original Research Article
Pages 187-289
Srinivasachari Rajappa, Mandakini Vishvanath Natekar

Halogenation of Heterocycles: I. Five-Membered Rings Original Research Article
Pages 291-411
M. Ross Grimmett


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